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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Blue Oyster Cult - On Your Feet Or On Your Knees (1975 us, superb hard rock live blast, 2013 audiophile remaster)

On Your Feet or on Your Knees, Blue Öyster Cult's first live album (there would be two more), was also their first to peak inside the Top 40 best-sellers, which is more of an indication of the audience the group was building up through extensive touring than of its quality. Songs that had a tight, concentrated impact on studio albums got elongated here, and that impact was dissipated. 

And the song selection left a great deal to be desired if this was to be a fitting summation of the band's career so far. Perhaps by their 1974 tour, BÖC had dropped such classics from their first album as "Transmaniacon MC," "I'm on the Lamb But I Ain't No Sheep," and "Stairway to the Stars," but the less impressive material from the third album was no substitute. The album did mark the first commercial release of a version of "Buck's Boogie" as well as covers of the Yardbirds' "I Ain't Got You" and Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild." [A Strictly Limited Collector's Edition was released in 2013.] 
by William Ruhlmann
1. The Subhuman (Eric Bloom, Sandy Pearlman) - 7:28
2. Harvester of Eyes (Donald Roeser, Eric Bloom, Richard Meltzer) - 4:56
3. Hot Rails To Hell (Joe Bouchard) - 5:38
4. The Red & the Black (Albert Bouchard, Eric Bloom, Sandy Pearlman) - 4:32
5. Seven Screaming Dizbusters (Albert Bouchard, Donald Roeser, Joe Bouchard, Sandy Pearlman) - 8:49
6. Buck's Boogie (Donald Roeser) - 7:12
7. Last Days of May (Donald Roeser) - 4:37
8. Cities on Flame (Albert Bouchard, Donald Roeser, Sandy Pearlman) - 4:04
9. Me 262 (Donald Roeser, Eric Bloom, Sandy Pearlman) - 8:22
10.Before the Kiss (A Redcap) (Allen Lanier, Donald Roeser, Murray Krugman, Sandy Pearlman) - 5:12
11.Maserati Gt (I Ain't Got You) (Clarence Carter) - 8:58
12.Born To Be Wild (Mars Bonfire) - 6:25

Blue Oyster Cult
*Eric Bloom - Lead vocals, Keyboards, Stun Guitar
*Albert Bouchard - Drums, Vocals 
*Joe Bouchard: Bass, Vocals
*Allen Lanier: Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Synthesizers
*Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser - Lead guitar, Vocals

1972-79  Blue Oyster Cult - Original Album Classics (2008 five disc box set)
1974/77  Blue Oyster Cult - Spectres / Secret Treaties (2007 bonus tracks remaster and 2014 blu spec remaster) 


kobilica said...

BOC were always one of my favorite band.Audiophile remasters souns awesome.Thank you"MARIOS"...

Fennell Eastman said...

Great album thanks for uploading but please please upload on Divshare or Rapidshare Thanks Fennell

Anonymous said...

Hello Marios, any chance to contact you, by mail or elsewhere ? Best regards Beatnik

Softshoebanana said...

Marios, just out of curiosity can you say how this release measures up against the Hi-Res release of this album.
I’ve always found the production quite muffled and overall disappointing.

joe v berlin said...

Mario's, this sold very well and was very much liked in the UK . It was a big seller.

Anonymous said...

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Diogenes said...

This reviewer in nuts. Secret Treaties is BOC's best album.