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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Forest Green - Forest Green (1973 us, exceptional brass jazz prog rock, 2019 korean remaster)

Since its formation in the Spring of 1970, Forest Green has devoted itself to a full-time, eminently professional exploration of its roots, influences, and the techniques at its command. Combining sensibilities hat stem and range from classical to the self-widening channels of improvisational jazz, 

Forest Green puts together a sound that is at once logical, tight, and satisfying. Most importantly, what emerges from the sophisticated incorporation of elements as diverse as a Big Band Sound or a Latin Pulse - is an exuberant lyrical innocence; a sense of wonder at all the wit and emotion that music may convey.

True then to the City of Philadelphia whose sound Forest Green has helped to further define, and to all others now interested in their music, Forest Green delivers a message of Youth and Life aspiring to newer, more progressive horizons.
by Matt Damsker, Associate Editor of "The Drummer"

A stunning debut album of this American band in 1973 features progressive and psychedelic rock with nice jazzy approach. Pretty awesome mixed bag album for prog jazz and classic rock.

1. Never Found A Way (Timothy Jordan) - 4:36
2. I've Been This Way Before (Syd Silverstein) - 3:12
3. What It's About (Timothy Jordan) - 3:01
4. Black Shepherd (Arthur Cohen) - 3:15
5. Beggar Man (Ray Barrett) - 4:07
6. Scream Fear (Syd Silverstein) - 4:26
7. The Ballad Of Widow Jenkins And Rita (Arthur Cohen) - 3:10
8. Movin' To The Country (Syd Silverstein) - 2:34
9. Boundless Sky (Ray Barrett) - 4:28
10.Mountain (Timothy Jordan) - 5:16

Forest Green
*Timothy Jordan- Vocal, Electric, Lead, Rhythm, Acoustic Guitars
*Syd Silverstein- Vocal, Bass
*Lon Poland- Drums, Bongo
*Ray Barrett- Vocal, Organ, Electric Piano, Clavinet, Recorder
*Donald Hettinger- Flute, Alto Sax, Bassoon, Percussion
*Robert Mast- Flute, Tenor Sax
*Arthur Cohen - Piano

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  1. Something new to me,because I never heard for this band.Can't wait to hear the full album.Thank you "MARIOS"...I like to hear unknown music (band).

  2. this might be shortest page on the blog so far, usually marios provides a nice chapter to read some backgrounds while enjoying listening to the treasures.....