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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

White Cloud - White Cloud (1972 us, splendind country folk funky blues rock, 2018 korean remaster)

Although energy and effort to please, are not the only requirements of quality in a group of musicians, they certainly make the package more pleasurable. White Cloud seven people from different parts of USA, uses this energy to put together an act that varies from a country blues tune like “Hoe Bus” to a soulful number “Qualified” to some decidedly Joplinesque efforts by their lead female Joanne Vent.

Kenny Kosek fiddle some nice riffs and Don Payne is consistent on bass, while Richard Crooks maintains a steady heavy beat on the drums. Charlie Brown is the sun behind the cloud, definitely the shinning member of the group, emitting strong rays of good music from his electric guitar. White Cloud also backed John Hammond and Loudon Wainwright.
by Abigail Lewis

1. All Cried Out (Mann Curtis, Michel Deborah) - 3:39
2. Hound Dog (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) - 3:20
3. Hoe Bus (Thomas Jefferson Kaye) - 4:44
4. Is That Somebody You (Joanne Vent, Thomas Jefferson Kaye) - 3:07
5. Rocky Roads To Clear (Joanne Vent, Thomas Jefferson Kaye) - 2:49
6. Qualified (Mack Rebenack, Jesse Hill) - 3:55
7. Colleection Box (Joanne Vent, Thomas Jefferson Kaye) - 4:03
8. Funky Bottom Congregation (Thomas Jefferson Kaye) - 4:24
9. Thanks For Nothin' (Thomas Jefferson Kaye) - 3:56
10.The Sun Don't Shine The Same (I. Vent, Joanne Vent, Thomas Jefferson Kaye) - 2:54

The White Cloud
*Charlie Brown - Guitar
*Richard Crooks - Percussion
*Thomas Jefferson Kaye - Guitar, Vocals
*Kenny Kosek - Violin, Vocals
*Don Payne - Bass
*Joanne Vent - Vocals
*Eric Weissberg - Banjo, Steel Guitar
*Teddy Wender - Keyboards, Vocals

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kobilica said...

So unknown and so good album.Thank you"MARIOS"...

Anonymous said...

Female singer Joanne Vent made a very good and unknown solo album in 1969 (in the vein of Janis Joplin) titled The Black And White Of It Is Blues. Unfortunately died in 1998.

James H. Johnson

David Rosenberg said...

Glad to see the acknowledent of the band. You’ll find me in the credits as the Art Director. Tommy is dead, Joanne is dead, Richard is dead. We had a great time.