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Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Stroke Band - Green And Yellow (1978 us, exciting art punk power rock, 2014 edition)

Green And Yellow is the collected recordings of legendary lost 1970s Deep South freaksters, THE STROKE BAND. Seen and heard, until now, by only a few South Georgia pot heads, rednecks, sheriffs, strippers, and intoxicated U.S. Marines. Fronted by Bruce Joyner – a swamp rat synthesis of Buddy Holly, Bryan Ferry and Jerry Lee Lewis – The Stroke Band were an art-punk aberration to anything else happening in South Georgia in 1978 – 79. This Anthology Recordings re-release of the Green and Yellow album is the first in any form since the private press LP came out in 1978. The Green And Yellow digital and CD releases include the original Green And Yellow album; plus the band’s only live performance at Joe’s Cellar – a notorious strip club in Albany, Georgia; and a set of demos and psychotic improvs from their Cork House headquarters in Valdosta.

Singer and band leader Bruce Joyner, who signed to Sire Records with The Unknowns in 1981 and has released several acclaimed solo albums since 1983; Don Fleming, guitarist for the Stroke Band, who went on to front his own bands Velvet Monkeys and Gumball, and produced albums for Sonic Youth, Teenage Fanclub, Hole, Screaming Trees, Andrew W.K.; Mark Neill, guitarist for The Stroke Band and The Unknowns, who is a renowned recording producer and engineer, in 2011 he won a Grammy for his production of the Black Keys Brothers album; and Green And Yellow album producer Robert Lester Folsom, whose own album Music and Dreams from 1976.

1. Don't Get Angry (Joyner) - 2:51
2. Green And Yellow (Joyner, Fleming, Sikes, Jones) - 2:42
3. Fiction/Non-Fiction (Fleming) - 2:54
4. Spaced (Joyner) - 2:49
5. Gun Fighting Man (Joyner, Fleming, Sikes, Jones) - 3:40
6. Rat Race (Joyner, Jones) - 2:53
7. Janie's Linving In A Cell (Fleming) - 2:29
8. Son Of Sam (Joyner, Jones) - 2:32
9. Latin Melodies (Joyner) - 2:47
10.The Waves Rush In (Joyner, Fleming, Sikes, Jones) - 5:32
11.Jesus In A Trenchcoat.5:39
12.Don't Get Angry (Joyner) - 2:44
13.Green And Yellow (Joyner, Fleming, Sikes, Jones) - 2:42
14.Damn! Bam! (Fleming) - 2:05
15.Rock Star (Crawford, Joyner, Fleming, Sikes) - 3:59
16.Spaced (Joyner) - 2:52
17.At The Hop (Joyner, Fleming, Sikes) - 1:10
18.White Trash Girls (Joyner, Fleming, Sikes) - 2:19
19.Screamin' In The Middle Of A Dark Room (Joyner, Fleming, Sikes) - 4:35
20.The Songsters (Joyner, Fleming, Sikes) - 3:14
21.Rhodesian Love Song (Joyner, Fleming, Sikes) - 5:42
22.The Law Is Watching You (Joyner, Fleming, Sikes) - 5:32

*Bruce Joyner - Vocals, Synthesizers, Percussion
*Don Fleming - Guitar, Bass, Synthesizers, Percussion
*Rusty Jones - Guitar, Bass
*Robert Folsom - Acoustic Guitar, Moog, Percussion
*Max Sikes - Drums
*Alva Dickerson - Guitar
*Danny Heitzhausen - Bass
*Jerry Williams - Moog

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Alexandr said...

Thanks, Marios.

rawkin' dog said...

The first steps of Bruce Joyner, a magnificent artist who, unfortunately, a 35-year career, his last work in 2014, the great Bruce Joyner And Atomic Clock - The Devil Is Beating His Wife, has never reached the fame you deserve, but maybe this helped him to remain a true rcoker, pure and honest, which publishes in small doses, but all intoxicating! bau

chico said...

Thanks for Ugo and Marios,I'm looking for this early work for a long,long time.Like ozrock said a great artist much more knowned in Europe than in it's own country.If you could see it live you would not regret it

Woody said...

Many many thankx for this. All the best.

juan manuel muñoz said...

many, thanks, happy easter time

santino said...

excellent--thank you Marios