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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Jellyroll - Jellyroll (1971 us, remarkable brass jazz blues rock, 2015 korean remaster)

Roger "Jellyroll" Troy, Musician, Singer, Bass Player, Songwriter, Producer, affectionately known as "Roll" to his peers, was a very well respected and talented musician, known by many fans, musicians and producers alike for his great vocals, writing and producing, and solid funky bass playing. Pull window down to see more below.

He was originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, later relocating to San Francisco, and played in numerous groups including "The Fendermen", "The Hollywood Argyles", his own group "Jellyroll" and record on Kapp records in or around 1969' entitled "jellyroll"-which included members Roger Troy (lead vocals bass), Tim Heding (keyboards, background vocals), Ed Setser (guitar), Stu Perry (drums, percussion), Lee Asch (alto-tenor-baritone saxophones), Dave Parkinson (tenor saxophone) and Bob Thorne (trumpet), also featured on the album is Cosme Joseph Deaguero on Conga.

Jellyroll joined The Electric Flag reunion band around 1973' and was on their subsequent record "The Band Kept Playing" and was a excellent record with Michael Bloomfield, Buddy Miles, Barry Goldberg, Nick Gravenites, and others, with producer great-Jerry Wexler, in 1974'...

He went on to play the next several years with "Michael Bloomfield and friends" groups, including "Try It Before You Buy It", "Life In The Fast Lane", "Between A Hard Place And The ground", "Count Talent and The Originals", "Live At The Old Waldorf", "Analine", "if You Love These Blues, Play Them Ad You Please", "Bloomfield-A Jellyroll had a solo record he did on RCA records in 1976, which featured such top-notch studio musicians such as James Gadson, Sonny Burke, Larry Goshorn, Ernie Watts, and others.

Roll worked into the late 70s and 80s with such artists as Maria Muldour, Mick Taylor, Lonnie Mack, Nick Gravenites, Jerry Garcia & Howard Whales("Hooteroll" tour), Mike Finnigan, Timmy Goshorn and Larry Goshorn of Pure Prairie League, Dave Widow and many others too numerous to mention...He had several songs covered by artists such as Tracy Nelson, Jose Feliciano, Carlene Carter, and others.

Roger, was 45 when he died of heart problems resulting from a heart surgery and later complications, he died in 1991. Roll, was a "card", and a practical joker, always pulling one on someone, for a good laugh...Bless his soul...When he was on top of his game he was one-bad to the bone-Musician, and would often make the hair on the back of my neck-stand up, when he would sing...roll was a powerful singer with great melody and articulation, with a sometimes Gospel-like feel, and a blues and rock and roll soul. .He was like a white Bobby Blue Bland.
by Dave Widow

1. Restless Feeling (Roger Troy, Richard Podolor, Jellyroll) - 2:24
2. Seach For A Memory (Roger Troy, Richard Podolor, Jellyroll) - 2:56
3. Strange (D. Hoagland) - 2:29
4. Trying To Forget Someone Too (Roger Troy) - 4:09
5. Quick Trip (T. Hending) - 1:18
6. Help Me Over (Roger Troy, Richard Podolor, Jellyroll) - 3:00
7. Come On Baby (Roger Troy, Jellyroll) - 3:17
8. Follow Me (Roger Troy, Richard Podolor, Jellyroll) - 2:52
9. At The Beginning Of Tomorrow (Roger Troy) - 3:07
10.Hard Times (Roger Troy, Richard Podolor, Jellyroll) - 4:40
11.Standing On The Inside (Roger Troy, Ed Setser) - 3:31

The Jellyroll
*Roger Troy - Lead Vocals, Guitar
*Tim Heding - Keyboards, Vocals
*Ed Setser - Guitar
*Stu Perry - Drums, Percussion
*Les Asch - Alto, Tenor, Baritone Saxophones
*Dave Parkinson - Tenor Saxophone
*Bob Thorne - Trumpet
*Cosme Joseph Deaguero - Conga

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Alexandr said...

Thanks, Marios.

kobilica said...

Impressive album.I have an bad old copy of this album,but the music is really great.Thank you"MARIOS" for this new version...

Unknown said...

Thanks Mario, I've only had the old original, this is so much clearer, cheers Pierre

mscmichael said...

Thanks a lot...

juan manuel muñoz said...

Marios, como siempre, muy agradecido por tus aportes. Saludos

Unknown said...

I got their rare EP vinyl with two songs strange & restless feeling

DanP said...

Heard the whole on Youtube recently, it's great! Glad to find out you have it here, many thanks Marios! :D

Unknown said...

He was my neighbor when i was a little girl his wife was so amazing

imnokid said...

Thanx for posting this. Anyone have his solo album?

imnokid said...


Marios said...

Password: xara

Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities said...

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Troy and the group stayed at my parents motel (Bahia) in Burbank while working on the Jellyroll album during 1969 - 1970ish time frame. I was a teen and got to hang with the group quite a bit. Loved their sound, and they were super nice-all.

chris seagull said...

thank you so much!!!!a very good record