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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Beast - Beast (1969 us, fantastic psych jazz rock, 2010 edition)

Beast's debut album is a crossline between psych and brass rock. The band offers great moments, some cool jazz rock and relaxed psychedelia, with intense glimpses of progressive rock. There are also moments when the band goes through creative experimental fields, looking for their identity in the musical whirlwind of the late 60's. Although the album has different influences, it manage to stand at a high level, creating the foundations for their great forthcoming second release.

1. Prelude For Today - 0:44
2. Floating (Down By The River) (Robert Yeazel) - 3:53
3. Spaceman (Robert Yeazel) - 3:34
4. Alley Sam (I Feel A Change) (Robert Yeazel) - 3:12
5. Goin'downtown (Robert Yeazel, Ken Passarelli, David Raines) - 1:55
6. Listen (Robert Yeazel, Ken Passarelli, David Raines) - 2:57
...Cannabis Sativa L (Robert Yeazel) -
7. Ev'ry Man Hears Different Music (Robert Yeazel, Gerry Fike) - 3:40
8. Love Like (David Raines) - 2:43
9. Dear Ruth (David Raines) - 2:07
10.When We Rise (Robert Yeazel, Michael Kerns, Roger Bryant) - 2:30
11.(Strange Places Like) Santo Domingo (Robert Yeazel) - 6:37
12.On My Way (David Raines) - 2:42
13.Treat Her Right (Roy Head) - 1:55
14.Wow Wow (Robert Yeazel, Ken Passarelli) - 0:51

David Raines - Lead Singer
Robert Yeazel - Lead Guitar
Gerry Fike - Organ
Larry Ferris - Drums
Michael Kerns - Flute, Saxophones
Ken Passarelli - Bass, Harmonica
Dominick Todero - Trumpet

1970  Beast - Beast (2013 Flawed Gems issue)
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