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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Storyteller - Storyteller (1970-71 uk, fabulous dual vocals in an aethereal silky folk flight, korean remaster)

The start of the Seventies was an uncertain time for lovers of grown-up popular music. Monterey had led to Woodstock, which had become Altamont. Much of that deep and meaningful West Coast stuff had turned to self-indulgence, and the deaths in quick succession of Joplin, Morrison, Hendrix, etc., had heralded the emergence of Glam Rock and the increasing influence of heavy metal.- Fortunately, however, in the early Seventies there were acts who followed their own inclination, ignoring current fashions .and just doing;:what seemed to come naturally. One such was Storyteller, a quintet who were probably closer to folk vain than any other genre, although we are not talking about finger in the ear traditional folk, but more the art of songwriter who wants to make a point or tell a story.

Perhaps appropriately Storyteller’s two albums were released by Britain's then foremost folk label, Transatlantic, their eponymous debut LP in 1970, and their last will and testament, 'More Pages' in 1971. These were not chart albums (far from it), bat particularly the first LP remained a pleasant memory for over 25 years until that nine, Mr.Dane asked me whether there were any Transatlantic album that he might consider reissuing. 

As Storyteller seemed to have been forgotten by everyone but me that was my recommendation. Write a sleeve note, then sure, if you can tell me where to find them. The Group's focal point was probably Caroline Attard, and if memory serves, she was married to Andy Bown, who used to be in The Herd with Peter Frampton in the Sixties, then joined a group which achieved rather less than was expected of it called Judas Jump. Storyteller threw in the towel in 1971,  Terry Durham returned to Leeds in Yorkshire, Caroline became mrs Bown, and Andy  became permanent keyboard player with Status Quo, also released some solo albums.
by John Tobler

1. Floor Of The Park (Durham, Moon) - 3:18
2. Man In The Moon Passage Song (Durham, Moon) - 4:15
3. Alice Brown (Moon) - 2:47
4. The Lake (Durham, Moon) - 2:35
5. Ginger Bread Man (Moon) - 1:16
6. Over The Hills (Moon) - 2:22
7. Story (Durham) - 1:13
8. First Week In January (Moon) - 4:03
9. Has Been (Clark) - 3:18
10.Morning Glow (Durham, Bown) - 3:23
11.Ballad Of Old Three-Laps (Durham, Bown) - 3:23
12.Song For Buster (Durham, Moon) - 2:57
13.Love's A Blind (Durham, Moon) - 3:50
14.Night Games (Durham, Bown) - 3:07
15.Bosworth Field (Durham, Moon) - 3:50
16.Laugh That Came Too Soon (Durham, Moon) - 2:45
17.Beautiful Affair (Moon) - 4:40
18.Wolf In The Water (Durham, Bown) - 2:58
19.Fall In All Directions (Moon) - 3:00

*Caroline Attard - Vocals
*Rodney Clark - Vocals, Electric Bass
*Roger Moon - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
*Mike Rogers - Vocals, Steel Guitar
*Terry Durham - Vocals
*Henry Spinetti – Percussion
*Harold Becket - Trumpet, Flugel Horn
*Andrew Bown - Producer

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mscmichael said...

Great one! Thanks very much...

wcpaeb said...

Marios, thanks for the FLAC.
I never heard of this rarity but it looks good

progger ears said...

Have a cleanup from my own vinyl,
so will take here a copy for the bonustracks!
Dammed good album it is!Thanks man!

zappahead said...

Thanks for sharing this little gem....haven't heard it in years although wasn't very popular at the time I enjoyed it a lot....cheers.

Unknown said...

This is an excellent collection of songs, and is soothing to listen to.

Thank you for this share Marios.


Wednesday 7th January 2015 11.05pm

eduardo rocha said...

can you upload again this album?

Marios said...

eduardo rocha, "Storyteller" reposted!

Psychfan said...

Thank you Marios!