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Friday, August 2, 2013

Steppenwolf - Live (1970 canada, great classic hard rock, 2013 japan SHM bonus tracks remaster)

The group's first live album, recorded in one night and originally released as a two record set including some studio recordings overdubbed despite the bands will. Nevertheless, it catches the band in excellent form and is a reminder of what a great live band Steppenwolf is.

After the “Monster” album, The band needed a breather from the constant studio recording activities. It was therefore decided that a live album was exactly what we needed. We recorded one of our concerts at the Santa Monica civic auditorium which was a benefit for the “Students Against The War In Cambodia Committee”.

The resulting recordings had more material that would fit on one album but not enough to fill 2 disks. Consequently we recorded additional songs such as “Hey Lawdy Mama” “Corina Corina” and “Twisted” in the studio where we then (through the addition of canned applause) tried to integrate these extra cuts into the truly live tracks. While with hindsight, I wish we would have had the chance to record multiple concerts because then we would not have had to live or die with the results of only one performance, this album.

1. Sookie, Sookie (Don Covay, Steve Cropper) – 3:09
2. Don't Step On The Grass, Sam (John Kay) – 6:01
3. Tighten Up Your Wig (Kay) – 4:23
4. Monster (Kay, J Edmonton, L Byrom, N. St. Nicholas) – 9:56
5. Draft Resister (Kay, Goldy Mcjohn, Byrom) – 3:46
6. Power Play (Kay) – 5:41
7. Corina, Corina (M Parish, J. Mayo Williams, B. Chatman) – 4:09
8. Twisted (Kay) – 5:02
9. From Here To There Eventually (Kay, Mcjohn, Edmonton) – 6:40
10.Hey Lawdy Mama (Kay, Byrom, Edmonton) – 2:59
11.Magic Carpet Ride (Kay, Rushton Moreve) – 4:06
12.The Pusher (Hoyt Axton) – 6:02
13.Born To Be Wild (Mars Bonfire) – 5:43
14.Hey Lawdy Mama (Mono Single Version) (Kay, Byrom, Edmonton) – 3:20
15.Twisted (Mono Single Version) (Kay) – 3:44

*Larry Byrom - Guitar
*Jerry Edmonton - Drums
*John Kay - Vocals, Guitar
*Goldy McJohn - Keyboards
*Nick St. Nicholas - Bass Guitar

1968  Steppenwolf / The 2nd 
1969  Early Steppenwolf (1967 Live, Japan SHM mini lp)
1969  At Your Birthday Party (Japan SHM 2013 remaster)
1969  Monster (2013 japan SHM issue)
1971  For Ladies Only (Japan SHM 2013 remaster)
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kobilica said...

To me is one of the best live albums from that time.Amazing guitar work...

dadfred said...

Thanx again Marios, big fan of John Kay & SW. Hearing this LIVE album again will be very rewarding. You da man!

Woody said...

Fantastic live. Thank you very much.

seb said...

Thank you very much, great share, wonderful concert!!

Anonymous said...

I was a teenager when this album came out and I played it all the time. One day it went missing - and I haven't heard it since. Thanks for bringing back some great memories.