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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Group 1850 - Paradise Now (1969 holland, ethereal psychedelia with progressive touches)

Recorded, edited and mixed over one long Red Lebanon hash-fueled weekend in October 1969, Group 1850s second album, Paradise Now, remains one of the high-water marks of European psychedelia. 

A wide-eyed, wide-open, synapse-electrifying set of songs, it sounds like the transmissions of a burnt-out satellite spinning through the galaxies of inner space. Group 1850 leader Peter Sjardin skillfully edited the groups free-flowing improvisations into eight cohesive yet distinctly different tracks, part Saucerful Of Secrets, part Electric Ladyland, part Guru Guru, part Can circa Monster Movie. 

Bypassing the established network of record labels, distributors and stores, the album was released on Discofoon, the label owned by the Dutch department store chain V and D, and carried exclusively in their shops nationwide. It has since become a highly sought-after collectors item. 

1. Paradise Now (D. Duba, P. Sjardin) - 5:27
2. Friday I'm Free (D. Duba, P. Sjardin) - 2:53
3. Hunger (D. van Bergen, P. Sjardin) - 4:56
4. Circle (D. Duba, P. Sjardin) - 1:08
5. Loneliness (D. Duba, D. van Bergen, P. Sjardin) - 2:17
6. Martin and Peter (M. van Duynhoven, P. Sjardin) - 1:55
7. ? ! (D. Duba, P. Sjardin) - 7:08
8. Purple Sky (D. Duba, D. van Bergen, P. Sjardin) - 10:57

*Peter Sjardin - Vocals, Flute, Organ
*Dani  Van Bergen - Guitars, Piano
*Ruud Van Buuren - Bass
*Beer Klaasse - Drums
*Dave Duba - Guitars

1968  Agemo's Trip To Mother Earth

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