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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Starwood - Starwood (1977 us, nice mellow rock with country folk rock drops, Vinyl edition)

Starwood formed in Aspen Colorado round the mid seventies.The band made a self-titled album for Columbia; it was recorded at the Caribou Ranch in Nederland, where Elton John, Stephen Stills, Rod Stewart and numerous others would make albums.

 The single “Burning Over You” was released to radio in 1977. The band toured with the Dirt Band for most of a year, appearing at Red Rocks; they finished 1978 with a show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, on a bill with Santana and Eddie Money. 

Starwood didn't quite hit rock-star status. They played a final gig, at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, and never made another record, never toured again.

Musically they’re running upon country and folk forms, somehow like  a light version of Crosby Stills and Nash  with sound closest to Little River Band and Firefall, in conclusion an enjoyable album with many good moments.  

1. Burnin' Over You (D. J. Holster) - 4:54
2. Almost Monte Carlo (D. J. Holster) - 4:28
3. Simone (D. J. Holster, B. Mysior) - 2:53
4. Always Brings Me Tears (H. Gregg) - 3:22
5. Tortuga (M. Moore) - 3:34
6. (I Gotta) Dance With You (D. J. Holster) - 3:15
7. You Don't Have To Cry (D. J. Holster, H. Gregg) - 3:33
8. Silver And Gold (D. J. Holster, H. Gregg) - 5:46
9. Give A Little Bit (D. J. Holster, H. Gregg) - 3:40
10.Ophelia (D. J. Holster, R. E. Carpenter) - 3:29

*David James Holster - Vocals, Guitar,
*Robert E. Carpenter - Keyboards,
*Haden Gregg - Guitar, Vocals,
*Bob Mason - Guitar, Vocals,
*Bernie Mysior - Bass,
*Michael Buono - Drums,
*Bryan Savage - Woodwinds

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