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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The (Blues) Creation With Felix Pappalardi - Live At Budokan (1976 japan, raw hard blues rock, rare double disc japan issue)

Blues Creation was formed by guitarists Kazuo Takeda, Koh Eiryu and singer Fumio Nunoya, in early 1969, after the dissolution of their Group Sounds outfit The Bickies. Takeda played many guitar sessions and slowly began to gain confidence in himself as a lead vocalist, so much so that when he returned to the Japanese music scene, in 1973, to support Mountain, it was as the lead singer/guitarist of a new power trio called simply Creation. 

The urbane and gregarious Takeda hit it off with Leslie West and Mountain drummer Corky Laing, but became even bigger mates with bassist Felix Pappalardi and his wife Gail Collins, who had written most of the lyrics for Mountain's hits. 

However, Creation did not release their first LP until 1975, by which time Takeda ? nervous of his new role as lead singer ? invited rhythm guitarist Yoshiaki Iijima to join drummer Masayuki Higuchi and bassist Shigeru Matsumoto in the new line up. Takeda contacted Felix Pappalardi and asked him to produce the second Creation LP. 

Pappalardi, temporarily deafened by the high volume at which Mountain always played concerts, had already decided to concentrate on studio production, and so he and his wife began to write songs with Takeda at their Nantucket home in Massachussets. In April 1976, the results were released in Japan as "Creation With Felix Pappalardi" and in the US as  "Felix Pappalardi Creation". Unfortunately, the international acclaim that Kazuo Takeda so longed for was still unforthcoming, although the record was once more a mighty success in Japan. 
by Julian Cope

Disc 1
1. Pretty Sue - 2:46
2. Lonely Night  / You Better Find Out - 3:53
3. A Magic Lady - 1:37
4. Tobacco Road - 6:15
5. Secret Power - 6:51
6. Dark Eyed Lady Of The Night - 8:07
7. MC / Blues - 8:46
8. Theme From A Imaginary Western - 5:58

Disc 2
1. Nantucked Sleighride (To Owen Coffin) - 11:57
2. Preacher’s Daughter - 3:26
3. Watch ‘N’ Chain - 15:16
4. MC - 1'06
5. Dreams I Dream Of You - 4:10
6. Guitar Solo - 1:05
7. High Heel Sneakers  - 3:32
8. Roll Over Beethoven -  3'41

The Creation
*Kazuo Flash Takeda - Guitar, Vocals
*Yoshiaki Iljima - Guitar
*Shigeru Matsumoto -  Bass
*Masayuki Higuchi -  Drums
*Felix Papalardi - Vocals, Bass

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Laurent said...

Wow! this is killer album, as i was expecting this live recordings have nothing to do with their uneven studio album, here much heavier and better. The sound quality is not perfect, but this is a rare and unique testimony, do not miss it. Thanks a lot, Jim and Marios for the sharing, and your hard work Jim for the complete scans.

Cesar said...

Thank you. Great post.

MIF said...

A true rarity although I prefer the studio album, more arranged and less hard rock, where there is more influenced by Felix Pappalardi. Thanks to Jim & Marios

DanP said...

Wow, I like the band, glad to have a chance to check this out!!!

Sergey said...

Excellent music! thanks a lot!

AussieRock said...

Awesome - I didn't realise there was a bootleg of Pappalardi's Creation live material.
Ihave their studio LP so I'm keen to hear their live material - especially the cover tracks of Moutain material
Many thanks Jim & Marios

Filldemontgat said...

Please and thanks.

Marios said...


Miguel Correa said...

An excellent Japanese band and with Pappalardi make an extraordinary duo, thank you!

slawus79 said...

Could you fix this one please? All links are dead.

Marios said...

slawus79, "The (Blues) Creation With Felix Pappalardi - Live At Budokan", fixed...