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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Various Artists - Piccadilly Sunshine Part 7 (1966-70 uk, pop psych and lots of flavours)

This is getting better and better, part 7 is one of the most exciting pieces from this series, and it goes much further and beyond the british psychedelic scene from the mid to late sixties.

Every song that follows makes our light brighter, and our willing to push the start button again and again, well it's true now, these diamonds are for ever, just enjoy them....

Artists - Tracks
1. Loose Ends - I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore - 2:12
2. Peter Fenton - Small Town - 2:13
3. Paul Young - No, No, No - 2:25
4. Bobcats - Let Me Get By - 2:19
5. Chris Kerry - Seven Deadly Sins - 2:40
6. Situation - Time - 2:26
7. Magic Lanterns - Time Will Tell - 2:01
8. Mud - You’re My Mother - 2:30
9. Peeps - Gotta Get A Move On - 2:25
10.Pinkerton’s Assort’ Colours - Will Ya? - 2:10
11.The Act - One Heart - 2:36
12.The Koobas - City Girl - 2:23
13.Deuce Of Hearts - The Times They Are A-Changin’ - 2:24
14.Harbour Lites - Run For Your Life - 2:26
15.Monopoly - Gone Tomorrow - 3:05
16.Dead Sea Fruit - Seeds Of Discontent - 3:24
17.Barry Fantoni - Fat Man - 1:55
18. Rising Sons - Just A Little While Longer - 2:48
19.Barley Bree - Save Your Love - 2:25
20.Paul Young - You Girl - 3:01

The Piccadilly Sunshine flavours 
1968-70  Piccadilly Sunshine Part 1
1966-71  Piccadilly Sunshine Part 2
1967-70  Piccadilly Sunshine Part 3
1967-69  Piccadilly Sunshine Part 4
1966-69  Piccadilly Sunshine Part 5
1967-70  Piccadilly Sunshine Part 6

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Anonymous said...

One more to go...


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much !


mscmichael said...

Another great one ! Thanks a lot...

wcpaeb said...

Closing in on the last vol...#10

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting these out.

This volume has the Magic Lanterns' "Time Will Tell"...I guess the compilers forgot they also put it on Volume 2!

-- Days of Broken Arrows

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog.Thanks very much!