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Thursday, June 1, 2023

rep> Bear Mountain Band - One More Day (1971 us, outstanding hard psych blues rock, 2015 remaster)

A loud hardrock /heavy psych U.S. group from Arizona with lots of fuzz guitar and gritty vocals. Local mountain air rocker with psychy west coast flashes on the excellent titles track ‘One More Day’ and else where, more melodic numbers rural rock vibe, with a couple of extended jams showing good playing and a nice atmosphere all around. ‘Crotch Crickets, has a really catchy heavy riff, other song that really stands out is ‘Crossroader’, which has some really memorable up-tempo and wah-heavy guitar playing. It’s a real rock burner. Mount is also a great instrumental track. The rest of the album is also a high standard bluesy hard psychedelic rock. 

1. One More Day - 2:47
2. Crotch Crickets - 4:08
3. Somethin' to Say - 5:28
4. Aspen Jam (Cam Empens, Bill Richardson, Frank Ford) - 5:24
5. Bagdad Boogie (Bill Richardson, Bill Keisler) - 2:26
6. Crossroader (Bill Richardson, Cam Empens) - 3:53
7. Mount (Bill Richardson, Frank Ford, Cam Empens) - 4:48
8. Fallin' (Bill Richardson, Cam Empens) - 3:50
9. Tihsllub (aka Irondoors) - 2:24
All songs by Bill Richardson except where indicated

Bear Mountain Band
*Bill Richardson - Guitar
*Bill Keisler - Bass
*Cam Empens - Organ
*Frank Ford - Drums

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  1. Καταπληκτικος δισκος,ενα διαμαντι απο τα τοσα αγνωστα που μας προσφερεις καθημερινα.Ορμωμενος απο καποιον φιλο που σου ευχηθηκε πριν απο λιγες μερες,σου ευχομαι και εγω οτι επιθυμεις,να εχεις υγεια εσυ και η οικογενεια σου.

  2. Το κατέβασα και το ακούω τώρα. ΔΙΣΚΑΡΑ!!!! Τώρα κατεβάζω και τους Little Big Horn. Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ.

  3. Thanks for opportunity to access those rare albums...

  4. Thankyou for another high quality album!

  5. Wish I could go once more up the mountain... thankyou Marios :)

  6. Hi Marios
    Re-upload Request = Could you please repost
    Bear Mountain Band - One More Day (1971) Thank you

  7. Hi Rob, "Bear Mountain Band - One More Day 1971", updated

  8. Marios Thank you very much

  9. Many thanks for this re-up uncompressed!!!