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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vision Of Sunshine - Vision Of Sunshine (1970 us, fabulous west coast psychedelic folk rock, 2011 Kismet issue)

This Californian quintet was led hy Gerald Mauser, who was romantically involved with singer Jane Boltinhouse. They rehearsed their material at the Lake Sherwood home of TV star Bob Denver (best-known for his role in Gilligan's Island), in what drummer Andy Douglas has subsequently decribed as 'a large rec room overlooking the pool, with a view of the lake'. 

The link with Denver came through guitarist Mike DeTemple, who was house-sitting for him. Recorded at the legendary .Sunset Sound Recorders studio in Hollywood, their sole LP was produced by Howie Kane (a founder member of Jay & The Americans), and appeared in March 1970. Billboard wrote that 'the five regulars known as Vision Of Sunshine have come up with a unique sound on their debut LP. 

The use of such unfamiliar instruments  as flute, celeste, calliope and harpsichord in a rock context, together with Jane Boltinhouse's haunting soprano, produces an ethereal A sound that is not only different but pleasing. She Said and the title cut are the best songs.' 

Though they were disaffected by their label's reluctance to pay the session musicians used on the album, the band promoted it with gigs at the Troubadour club in Hollywood and at Los Angeles' Greek Theatre (on a bill with comic Don Ho and poet,folk singer Rod McKuen), ' but they disintegrated whilst on the road, shortly after Hauser and Boltinhouse's daughter Bright was born in 1970. 

Their relationship disintegrated simultaneously, with Boltinhouse departing in search of herself. Hauser returned to LA and gradually made a name for himself as actor Wings Hauser (with parts in The Young & The Restless, Beverly Hills 90210 and Roseanne), while Mike DeTemple earned international acclaim for his guitar-building. Their album, meanwhile, was largely forgotten about four decades, though its cult reputation has steadily grown.

1. Mourning Word (Gerald Hauser, Sean Allan Nelson) - 1:14
2. She Said (Gerald Hauser) - 5:41
3. Mr. Bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 4:23
4. For You Alone (Gerald Hauser, Sean Allan Nelson) - 3:10
5. Stranger Here (Robb MacKay) - 4:01
6. Vision Of Sunhsine (Gerald Hauser) - 4:26
7. Woke Up Staring At A Fire Hydrant (Gerald Hauser) - 2:53
8. Summer Sundown Woman (Gerald Hauser) - 3:50
9. Bizarrek Kind (Rex Holman) - 3:23
10.You Get What You Pray For (Gerald Hauser) - 5:18

Vision Of Sunshine
*Jane Baltinhouse - Vocals
*Gerald Hauser - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
*Sean Allan Nelson - Celeste, Calliope, Harpsichord, Organ, Piano
*Terri Osiecki - Flute
*Mary Tiller - Flute
Guest Musicians
*Michael DeTemple - Banjo, Bass, Guitar
*Andy Douglas - Drums
*Jessie Eurlich - Cello
*Flint - Electric Guitar
*Joyce Miller - Cello
*Casey Nelson - Voices
*Jack Carone - Voices
*Bill Lazarus - Percussion

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echoes said...

Vocal a bit to thin for my paste. Pitty, musically good...

Philipp said...

Thanks a lot for this CD, Marios!

Anonymous said...

Jane Boltinhouse, after divorcing Wings Hauser, appears to have become involved with former Manson follower Brooks Poston in the late 70's/early 80's. They formed a musical duo that performed briefly in Southern California in the early 80's, and released some music on cassette.

Filldemontgat said...

And ... Marios... thanks for August 2012...
Thanks for all.

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Marcos Beatles said...

Muito obrigado!!!

Unknown said...

we never rehearsed at bob Denver's house....everybody got paid. the album cover was shot at Denver's pool. Andy douglas seems to think he was part of the group when in fact he was a hired hand and played on one or two cuts. thanks for letting me clear this up. wings hauser founder of VISION OF SUNSHINE