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Friday, February 4, 2011

Phantasia - Phantasia (1972 us, fantastic psychedelic rock)

Reissue of US psychedelic ultra rarity recorded 1971/72. The original albums (a complete one and a one-sided) are legends for all psychedelic/garage collectors, only 25 copies pressed of each -- not many people have the pleasure of having seen a copy.

The music is creeping slowly and sensitively in your mind, whether stoned or not φ it takes you wherever you want. Those are the complete sessions, 55mins in mastertape quality presented the first time to the public -- extremely informative booklet (20 sided), with outstanding artwork and colour photos.

One of the best Psychedelic albums, playing in the same league as Fraction, Music Emporium, Hunger, Mystic Siva, Damon. Later the band changed into Trizo 50! Here are the complete sessions in mastertaped quality with 20sided informating booklet, including outstanding artwork and photos!

1. Transparent Face (John DePugh, David Johnson) - 3:09
2. Winter Wind - 2:55
3. I Talk To The Moon - 3:35
4. Chasing Now The Flying Time - 4:54
5. Featheredge - 3:39
6. Genena - 9:21
7. Willow Creek - 5:48
8. Give Life Another Try (John DePugh, David Johnson) - 3:51
9. I Talk To The Moon (Diff. Version) - 4:30
10.Winter Wind (Diff. Version) - 2:57
11.Chasing Now The Flying Time (Diff. Version) - 5:11
12.The Saddest Song I Know - 5:44
All compositions by John DePugh, Bob Walkenhorst except where noted.

*Bob Walkenhorst - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Tympany
*Jim Clapper - Bass Guitar, Vocals, Claves
*David Johnson - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
*John DePugh - Drums, Bongos, Maracas

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Anon said...

Yes, truly masterpiece and rarity in this sound quality. Congratulations for share.

Anon said...

Trizo 50 will be welcomed as lossless too.

Jetfuelrm said...

Wonderful album i am loving this one thanks for sharing!

κυρ Παντελής Σκουφάντερος said...

Καταπληκτικό άλμπουμ. Thnx!

kobilica said...

Great find!Good album.Many thanks!!!

lmelis said...

Excellent! Thanks

adamus67 said...

Great post...many thanks

Hotroder said...

your the best Marios,this is unreal,classic.
Thanks for the flac files man.

DanP said...

Hi Marios, it's great to come back after being away for a little while to find all this great stuff here! Thanks!

mkraemer55 said...

Thank you.

Spaceboy, M.E. said...

Comparable to Music Emporium? That's all I need to know! Thanks Marios!

ashley said...

Never heard this one. Looking forward to it. Thank you.

recordman97 said...

Bob Walkenhurst later was in The Rainmakers from St. Louis, I believe. Now he's reportedly playing solo around Minneapolis or so I've read.

mukahnlor said...

never stop amazing my self with this music, thanks, a million thanks !!!.

Marios said...

.....phantasia is up.....


Hi plz help me, I can't open files the pass is wrong.

Marios said...

Pass is always: xara
copy and paste it
if it doesn't work, try with caps on.
Thank you