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Friday, February 11, 2011

Felt - Felt (1971 us, fantastic psych rock with bluesy and jazzy spots, 2010 remaster)

Felt was formed in Alabama in the late '60s around the talents of Myke Jackson (guitars), Mike Neel (drums), Tommy Gilstrap (bass), Stan Lee (guitars), and Allan Dalrymple (keyboards). The band's self-titled album, released on the small Nasco label in 1971, contains half-a-dozen original songs written for the most part by Jackson.

The mostly blues-styled songs on this album are full of great guitar work and contain fine Beatles-esque harmony vocals. While most of this album has a blues feeling to it, some of the songs hint of progressive rock with swirling keyboards, intense drumming, and blistering guitar solos. The album has recently been discovered for its musical excellence and has become a very rare collectors' item.
by Keith Pettipas

1. Look At the Sun (Myke Jackson) - 3:18
2. Now She's Gone (Myke Jackson, Mike Neel) - 5:29
3. Weepin' Mama Blues (Myke Jackson) - 4:40
4. World (Myke Jackson, Mike Neel) - 5:36
5. The Change (Myke Jackson) - 10:10
6. Destination (Myke Jackson) - 6:43

*Myke Jackson - Guitars
*Mike Neel - Drums
*Tommy Gilstrap - Bass
*Stan Lee - Guitars
*Allan Dalrymple - Keyboards

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  1. Fantastic album,remastered Akarma sounds very good!(i have this already several years)This is an absolute masterpiece,that went totally unnoticed at the time of its release.I believe you know much i love this UNIQUE LP,(and for this i'm very,very grateful post Jawbone!!!this is my alley!!!)
    @ MARIOS great work,many thanks!
    Best regards!

  2. I've never heard this album, but the review hooked me. Anything with great guitars and Beatlesque harmonies has to be good. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yeap also from me A THANKS!!
    Good Stuff!

  4. Marios, the description makes this sound interesting. I have to check it out. Many thanks.

  5. This album is unknown to me,I heard it for the first time and to me is excelent.Thanks!!!

  6. Love the cover, and I've seen it before but don't remember if I've ever heard it. Thanks Marios!

  7. Excellent!!! Thanks for the Flac version MARIOS

  8. this is completely new to me and what a gem! thanks for sharing.

  9. Thank you Marios for another outstanding lost obscurity. Great stuff.

  10. one of my favorites!
    seems to be more here, from the ex-singer:
    like Alone (1975) or Psychedelic Memoirs (aka " Felt II", seems to be more songs from 70s)...

  11. Hi Marios, I already have this wonderful album, but if you find time to fix links for dl I think it will be very appreciated by someone that doesn't known it! Thank you very much for everything Marios, you are n.1 and you made me discover so many albums and artists that I didn't known and that now I'm in love with... so many truly hidden and forgotten gemns.

  12. I report this little correction from the author, it's about the guitarist and I've just read it here:
    << (...)Stan never played with the Dickies…different Stan Lee. AND we did a second album in 2012, available at
    Blessings, Mychael John >>

  13. Hi guys, just pick Myke's Alone album here (official bandcamp download, no mininum... you can make an offer if you want):
    ...for me a true gemn!

  14. Just FYI my dad is Stan Lee and is NOT the same guitarist from "The Dickies" but rather a Civil Engineer and current Jazz & Big-Band guitarist and arranger. Just saw an original NASCO pressing of this album get a $1000 bid on eBay. As for the "what happened?" the mystery behind this band and why they never reached mainstream audiences is an interesting story. One that I will not share, lol.

  15. thank you marios for your kind post,peace

  16. Dear Marios,
    Your blog has got me stuck in it, with all this beautiful music you share. Could you please fix the link, as it doesn't seem to work? Thank you in advance!!!

  17. Marios, how is it possible, for you, to do everything and so quickly? (Select beautiful music, posts, reviews, scans, uploads, replies, link updates and all in almost no time). This is THE BLOG!!!!
    I believe a simple "Thank you", by my side, is not enough, my friend!
    I am much obliged!!!