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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wendy And Bonnie - Genesis (1969 us, lovely sunny psych folk, Sundazed double disc remaster)

The sister duo of Wendy Flower and Bonnie Flower (their real names, not aliases), Wendy & Bonnie recorded one album in the late '60s. Genesis is pleasant, if naïve, harmonized light rock with psychedelic, jazz, and folk influences. It is impressive given their tender ages -- Wendy Flower was just 17, and Bonnie Flower only 13, when it was recorded in late 1968, and the pair wrote all of the material on the LP.

The Flowers grew up in a musical family in the San Francisco Bay Area, and prior to recording on their own, did a couple of garage-psychedelic singles as part of Crystal Fountain; Wendy sang lead, and Bonnie played drums. Jazz star Cal Tjader put them to the attention of a jazz label he recorded for, Skye, which made the Wendy & Bonnie LP its lone venture into rock. Genesis was pretty sparsely produced, the arrangements highlighting their harmonies and pensive paisley tunes, but did benefit from backing by some top Los Angeles session musicians, including drummer Jim Keltner and guitarist Larry Carlton.

The album was released in 1969, but stalled when Skye Records folded the following year. The death of producer Gary McFarland in 1971 further discouraged the duo. Although they did sing backup vocals on a couple of Tjader albums and some jingles and background vocals at Fantasy Records, they never recorded their own material again, and broke up in the early '70s. They did perform music separately in the subsequent decades, Wendy Flower issuing a children's music cassette, and Bonnie Flower once rejecting an invitation to join the Bangles.
by Richie Unterberger

Disc 1
1. Let Yourself Go Another Time - 2:36
2. The Paisley Windowpane - 3:01
3. I Realized You - 3:43
4. By the Sea - 4:01
5. You Keep Hanging Up on My Mind - 2:54
6. It's What's Really Happening - 2:15
7. Five O'Clock in the Morning - 2:43
8. Endless Pathway - 3:37
9. Children Laughing - 2:46
10.Winter Is Cold - 2:36 
11.Let Yourself Go Another Time (Instrumental Version) - 2:46
12.The Paisley Windowpane (Alternate Version) - 3:18
13.I Realized You (Incomplete Vocals) - 3:43
14.It's What's Really Happening (Alternate Vocals) - 2:07
15.Five O'Clock in the Morning (Alternate Vocals) - 2:42
16.Endless Pathway (Alternate Vocals) - 3:41
17.The Winter Is Cold (Alternate Version) - 2:24
All songs by Wendy and Bonnie Flower
Bonus Tracks 11-17

Disc 2
1. Children Laughing (Demo Version) - 2:37
2. Years (Demo Version) - 1:47
3. Popular Phrases (Demo Version) - 2:19
4. Eleanor Rigby (Demo Version) (Lennon McCartney) - 3:39
5. The Winter Is Cold (Demo Version) - 2:40
6. The Ice Cream Man Song (Demo Version) - 2:24
7. December Sun (Demo Version) - 4:24
8. Wake Up, Sleepy Eyes (Demo Version) - 2:19
9. We Can Work It Out (Live) (Lennon McCartney) - 3:20
10.Thinking, Waiting (Live) - 3:39
11.Cover Our Child (Demo Version) - 3:49
12.Story of a Conventional Man (Demo Version) - 5:32
13.The Paisley Window Pane (Live) - 3:27
14.The Night Behind Us (Don Coupe, Wendy Flower) - 3:17
15.Sensations (Jerry Mairani, Wendy Flower) - 1:40
16.Never to Rest (Jerry Mairani, Wendy Flower) - 3:22
17.Children Laughing - 3:23
All songs by Wendy and Bonnie Flower except where noted.

*Wendy Flower - Vocals, Vibes
*Bonnie Flower - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
*Larry Carlton - Guitar
*Michael Lang - Organ, Piano
*Mike Melvoin - Organ, Piano
*Randy Cierly - Bass, Kalimba
*Jim Keltner - Drums
*Don Coupe - Vocals, Guitar
*Jerry Mairani - Keyboards
*Skip Walde - Lead Guitar
*Ove Anderson - Bass
*John Anderson - Drums

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this,marios!
I had only the single cd edition.
I'm searching Vince Martin‎– If The Jasmine Don't Get You...The Bay Breeze Will reissue on Rev-Ola...any chance to see it?

antonio lassalle said...

This band is amazing. Never heard of Wendy & Bonnie before but you put me on to it as well as many other amazing LP's so thank you for that. Never stop posting music Rockasteria is the best blog ever!

Anonymous said...

It seems there is something wrong with the files. I downloaded both rar-files in mp3 format, but I can't extract them. Could you please check the mp3 files and upload another version? I would love to have this record.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Marios. I read your comment now. I assumed the password was "xara". Sorry.

mscmichael said...

That;s a great one!!! Thanks very much...

Anonymous said...

This seems to be the west coast version of Lily & Maria (1968 reissue on Sunbeam.Hope to see that one posted here too one day

A Drain said...

Marios said...

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Anonymous said...

Woohoo!!! It turned out this is exist on yours :)
Thank you Mario for sharing this fascinating duo which have many bonus track that I've never heard it before ;)
Pop Ganas.

Unknown said...

THANKS A LOT Great Blog!

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I did not notice this was a double one,many thanks LOVE the album

One Love

Unknown said...

Great music, great people, great times!

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I'm getting late again with this one too.Thanks for re-up when you can.Thanks.

Cañamón said...

Re-up please, thank you Marios.

Marios said...

Cañamón, "Wendy And Bonnie - Genesis", reposted...

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