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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Corporation - The Corporation (1969 us, splendid garage psych rock)

The Corporation formed in 1968 at the Galaxy Club, located in Cudahy, WI, a southeastern suburb of Milwaukee. Some months later, they were discovered by Capitol Records executives while playing at another local club called The Bastille. Members included Kenneth Berdoll (bass, vocals), Patrick McCarthy (organ, trombone), Daniel Pell (vocals), Gerard Smth (lead guitar, vocals) and brothers John Kondos (guitar, flute, harp, piano, vocals) and Nicholas Kondos (drums, vocals).

Their first, self-titled LP was released in early 1969 and contains some great musicianship and original melodies. Highlights on the album include 'Ring That Bell', 'Smile' and the 19½ minute psychedelicized version of the John Coltrane instrumental 'India'. Although the album was a smash on the local Milwaukee charts, peaking at #3, it only reached #197 nationally. Even though the record ended up not being a huge commercial success, the band continued to write and record with hopes of a follow up LP on Capitol.

1.I Want to Get out of my Grave - 5:31
2.Ring That Bell - 4:52
3.Smile - 2:51
4.Highway - 3:04
5.Drifting - 4:05
6.India - 19:33

The Corporation
*Kenneth Berdoll - Bass, Vocals
*John Kondos - Guitar, Keyboards, Fute
*Nick Kondos - Drums, Vocals
*Patrick McCarthy - Keyboards, Trombone
*Daniel Vincent Peil - Vocals
*Gerard Jon Smith - Lead Guitar, Vocals

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lmelis said...

Excellent post Marios.
Thanks for sharing this

trismegistos said...

Σ'ευχαριστώ για την πολύ καλή μουσική που ανεβάζεις.

space88 said...

Marios i ask for "Hassles on my Mind/Get on your Swing".Thanks anyway.I hope you can Post it .

Brain Police said...

Thanks Marios, I have the vinyl, now finally the digital version!!

MusicLoverMan said...

Thank You!

space88 said...

Again Thanks marios!!T saw that you Post the Corporation at Phrogblog.GREAT

Musicmasterfuzz said...

Great band, great post, thanks Marios!

dadfred said...

Thanx very much Marios, great post. It's nice to have the debut album from this excellent garage band.

adamus67 said...

I have this already several years.Oh,this is wonderful! Happy to explore more of this band's work

Michele "mizshellymac" McCarthy said...

Danny Peil(lead vox)fronted my Pops band The Tigers. My Pops is Denny McCarthy(keys/organ/harp. Patrick McCarthy(keys/trombone) is my uncle and replaced my Pops when he left the band. Its pretty cool to say Im 3rd generation of McCarthy musicians and Im very proud of their accomplishments. Hit up my band's site Peace :)

Vic said...

The Phrockblog is dead now. Please Marios can you upload your second and third The Corporation albums which were posted on Phrockblog an year ago?

chico said...

Can you repost,the link is dead.Wonderfull stuff.
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Marios said... corporated...

Unknown said...

Can someone share the lyrics? Thanks

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