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Monday, July 30, 2012

Various Artists - Pebbles Vol. 6 The Roots Of Mod (60's uk, rud 'n' sharp mod freakbeat, 1980 BFD Vinyl issue)

Since the late 1940s when Joe Turner sang "Shake Rattle and Roll", the root of all rock and roll music has been rhythm and blues -Elvis Presley, Little Richard. Jerry Lee Lewis, they all played their part in exposing the white teenage audience to black music in various adaptations. 

Later, in the 60's; blues became familiar and commonplace to everyone, and was therefore abandoned by America's black culture, replaced by soul, then funk, then disco- all of which in turn influenced newer generations of white musicians. But let's take a look now at that period in the early 60s when blues and R & B were known only to the most adventurous whites, and considered dangerous, unknown, darkly mysterious territory. 

Into this unknown territory came a generation of musicians who were forming bands in the early 60's in America too, but primarily in England where the appallingly bland pop music of the time led to a massive backlash of bands and music that were, for the time, quite daring. Imagine the illicit thrills experienced by these lads of conservative British upbringing upon finding a rare imported album by John Lee Hooker, taking it home, learning to play the songs and practicing acting, talking, singing like the Negroes of their glamorized imagination. It's easy to see why it became an obsession among the musically-inclined hipsters of the time. 

The rhythm and blues scene in England had its peak in the years 1961-64, though its influence was felt for many years thereafter in the work of Eric Clapton, Alvin Lee, John Mayall, Jeremy Spencer, and many others. But by then it had become something different. In the early years it was a raw, impromptu music of the streets, scruffy and nasty. It was the punk music of its time and place, and it related to the Merseybeat trend of the same period just like today's punk bands relate to their more pop-oriented New Wave colleagues. 

It was a purer, tougher expression of the same rebellion against cultural tedium. On this album we have brought together some of the strongest and most sought-after examples of British R & B from the classic period. Are you ready? You may think you are, but just wait 'til you hear the contents of these grooves... 

I predict you'll be rubbing Shinola on your skin, hitting the streets in search of a beat-up Cadillac, a cheap harmonica in your back pocket, bent on jamming with Eric Burdon if it's the last thing you do...
by Nigel Strange, editor of "The Web of Sound" magazine

Artists - Tracks
1. The Fairies - Get Yourself Home - 2:17
2. Junco Partners  - Take This Hammer - 2:10
3. The Fairies - I'll Dance - 2:01
4. The Cheynes - Respectable - 1:51
5. The First Gear - Leave My Kitten Alone - 2:14
6. The Betterdays - Here 'Tis - 2:18
7. The Wild Ones - Bowie Man - 2:31
8. David John And The Mood - Bring It To Jerome - 2:07
9. The Wheels -  Road Block - 3:35
10.The Fairies - Anytime At All - 2:21
11.Rhythm And Blues Inc.- Honey Don't - 2:25
12.Erkey Grant And The Eerwigs - I'm A Hog For You - 2:11
13.David John And The Mood - I Love To See You Strut - 2:13
14.Bill And Will - Goin' To The River - 2:33
15.Blues By Five - Boom Boom - 2:25
16.Steve Aldo - Baby What You Want Me To Do - 3:49
17.Jason Eddie And The Centremen - Spoonful - 2:22
18.The Rats - Singing The Blues - 2:28
19.Bo And Peep - Young Love - 2:46

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Solidboy said...

Hello Marios, I have the complete series of Pebbles (22CD) to mp3, any chance to have it in flac? Great post thanks.

becks dark said...

Fantastic to get this in flac! Thank you sir you are most kind

sorogan said...

Thanks a lot MARIOS !!!
Great !!!

jose kortozirkuito said...

To Solidboy:
I have the 28 (not 22) Vinyl Pebbles volumes in mp3.
If the friend Marios, not published, contact me and I send you the.
Jose Kortozirkuito
Greetings from Spain.

billm said...

Thanks for filling my request
wonderful post.

Marios said...

Jose Kortozirkuito,
you can add the links on the chat-room.

jose kortozirkuito said...

I have not uploaded. But if someone personally very interested, I can upload.
Thanks for such good records.

lmelis said...

Excellent post as always Marios. Thank you! Is it possible to upload track 16? It seems that it's missing.

Marios said...

Thank you Lmelis,
missing track #16 added in Free Text.

lmelis said...

That was fast. Thank you!

Marios said...

Various Artists - Pebbles Vol. 6 The Roots Of Mod ...ReUp

Miguel Correa said...