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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Frank Marino And Mahogany Rush - Live (1978 canada/us, fine guitar hard blues rock)

Frank Marino was born in Canada in 1954. He began playing guitar at the age of 13 after having played drums for three years. Very soon after changing instruments, Marino had formed his band Mahogany Rush. By 1971, three years later, the group had developed quite a following. At the age of 17, his first album, MAXOOM, was released and the group quickly started generating a larger and larger following and more albums. In all, by the year 2001, Marino had released 11 albums with Mahogany Rush. He also did two solo albums, 1986's Full Circle, and From the Hip, which came out in 1991. Adding to his credits are also appearances on recordings by April Wine and Brian Lee.
by Gary Hill

Mahogany Rush wasn't as huge a name in 1970s, but the power trio commanded a loyal, good-sized following and provided its share of five-star albums. One of them is this live album, which was recorded during a U.S. tour in late 1977 and came out on vinyl the following year. Mahogany knew how to burn on stage, and this excellent LP really captures the vitality of its 1970s concerts. No one who is seriously into hard rock and metal should be deprived of hearing singer/guitarist Frank Marino let loose on live versions of "Dragonfly," "Electric Reflections of War," and "The Answer." The band is equally captivating on sweaty performances of Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze," Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode," and Muddy Waters' "I'm a King Bee."

Some fans were disappointed because Live is a single LP instead of a two-LP set -- many of the gems that Mahogany performed on-stage in 1977 were omitted. The band cites space limitations as the reason, although one suspects that licensing restrictions had something to do with what was and wasn't included. The 1978 "Live" of Mahogany Rush, it is consistently rewarding and is enthusiastically.
by Alex Henderson

1. Introduction
(Drake, Kath) - 0:28
2. The Answer
(Marino) - 5:01
3. Dragonfly
(Harry, Marino, Stein) - 5:27
4. I'm a King Bee
(Moore) - 5:58
5. Excerpt from "Back Door Man"
(Berry, Burnett, Dixon) - 2:56
6. A New Rock & Roll
(Marino) - 4:19
7. Johnny B. Goode
(Berry) - 5:16
8. Talkin' 'Bout a Feelin'
(Marino) - 3:58
9. Excerpt from "Who Do Ya Love"
(McDaniel) - 1:32
10.Electric Reflections of War
(Marino) - 3:04
11.The World Anthem
(Marino) - 3:38
12.Purple Haze
(Hendrix) - 4:01

*Jimmy Ayoub - Drums, Percussion
*Paul Harwood - Bass
*Frank Marino - Guitar, Vocals

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Frank Marino And Mahogany Rush - Live ...Updated