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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Humble Pie - Eat It (1973 uk, great classic glam rock, 2007 japan mini LP remaster)

This '73 album marked a turning point for Humble Pie following their legendary Rockin' The Fillmore live double and their best selling follow-up Smokin'. It clearly showcased four facets of Pie's music (it was originally a 2 LP set) - a slightly subdued but still rockin' section, four soul/funk songs written by the likes of Ike & Tina Turner, Ray Charles and Edwin Starr with the Blackberries girl backing singers much in evidence throughout, light Marriott love songs/singalongs, and one side recorded live in Glasgow that picks-up where Fillmore left off : hard rock boogie with big dirty meaty riffs and fluid soloing and interplay.

If you accept that Steve Marriott was the greatest British soul/rock singer ever then none of these elements are a problem, but sales dipped and their label rejected some later material as Marriott took the band further down the laid back and soulful road. I saw them support the Who at Charlton FC in mid '74 and they turned in a trimphant crowd pleasing heavy set that showed they still had rock potency.
by Pete Max

1. Get Down to It (Marriott) – 3:27
2. Good Booze and Bad Women (Marriott) – 3:18
3. Is It for Love? (Marriott) – 4:41
4. Drugstore Cowboy (Marriott) – 5:40
5. Black Coffee (Ike Turner, Tina Turner) – 3:11
6. I Believe to My Soul (Ray Charles) – 4:05
7. Shut up and Don't Interrupt Me (Bristo, Starr) – 3:07
8. That's How Strong My Love Is (Roosevelt Jamison) – 3:49
9. Say No More (Marriott) – 2:01
10.Oh, Bella (All That's Hers) (Marriott) – 3:28
11.Summer Song (Marriott) – 2:48
12.Beckton Dumps (Marriott) – 3:16
13.Up Our Sleeve (Humble Pie-lyrics by Steve Marriott) – 5:02
14.Honky Tonk Women (Keith Richards, Mick Jagger) – 3:58
15.(I'm A) Road Runner (Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland) – 13:29

*Steve Marriott - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards
*Greg Ridley - Bass
*Dave "Clem" Clempson - Guitar
*B.J. Cole - Steel Guitar
*Sydney George - Saxophone
*Jerry Shirley - Drums
*The Blackberries, Clydie King, Billie Barnum, Venetta Fields - Vocals

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