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Monday, July 30, 2012

Various Artists - Floor Filler Killers / New Directions Vol. 3 (60's uk, excellent groovie garage beat psych)

Fantastic 14-track British beat/garage compilation garnered from the personal collection of one of Britain's top record dealers. As the name suggests, each of these tracks is a real killer. I can't think of a better way to announce that Past and Present is back than with this, the first of dozens of great titles that will be appearing on the imprint in the future." Artists: Gavin Hamilton, Neil Christian, Tangerine Peel, The Groop, Ian and the Zodiacs, The Moving Finger, Guy Darrell, The Hipster Image, Jerry Martin, The Quotations, Winston G, Gene Latter, The Kool, The End. 

Tracks - Artists
1. It Won't Be The Same - Gavin Hamilton - 2:38
2. I'm Gonna Love You Baby - Neil Christian - 2:54
3. Solid Gold Mountain Top - Tangerine Peel - 2:54
4. Such A Lovely Way - The Groop - 3:18
5. No Money No Honey - Ian & The Zodiacs - 2:23
6. Shake And Fingerpop - The Moving Finger - 3:44
7. Evil Woman - Guy Darrell - 2:25
8. Little Piece Of Leather - The Hipster Image - 2:09
9. I Can't Find Her - Jerry Martin - 2:29
10.Cool It - The Quotations - 3:00
11.Judge And Jury - Winston G - 2:45
12.Just A Minute Or Two - Gene Latter - 2:45
13.Step Out Of Your Mind - The Kool - 2:40
14.Why - The End - 2:42

The Past and Present compilations
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  1. Thanx a lot Marios and Cudawaver !!

  2. I love past & Present comps. Thankx.

  3. I've discovered your blog just now, and I've already discovered lot of good records : Rare Breed, Skeptics, Mourning Dayze, Sir Winston, and so on

    This comp is really a killer as it says !

    Thank you so much ofr your efforts.

  4. Hi

    Can you restore the link, please?


  5. Slawek, Floor Filler Killers / New Directions Vol. 3 ...fixed