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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Blue Cheer - OutsideInside (1968 us, superb heavy fuzz rock, 2012 edition)

Blue Cheer’s second album, Outsideinside, fully matches its predecessor’s primal power. The last Blue Cheer release to feature the beloved lineup of Stephens, Peterson and Whaley, Outsideinside is a bracing orgy of volume, distortion and aggression, with such highlights as “Just a Little Bit,” “Come and Get It,” the instrumental “Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger” and the band’s distinctive take on the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction.”

Sundazed’s compact disc edition is sourced from the original Philips reels, complete with the unique original cover design and features a new essay by Doug Sheppard of Ugly Things magazine.

Blue Cheer looms large in the annals of hard rock, laying down the sonic foundations of heavy metal and serving as a crucial influence on the birth of punk, grunge and stoner rock. While the rest of the rock world was mellowing out and embracing the spirit of the Summer of Love, the seminal San Francisco power trio was churning out ballsy blues-rock anthems whose fuzz-heavy, adrenaline-charged intensity helped to alter the course of contemporary music.

1. Feathers From Your Tree (D. Peterson, L. Stephens, P. Wagner) - 3:33
2. Sun Cycle (D. Peterson, L. Stephens, P. Wagner) - 4:14
3. Just A Little Bit (D. Peterson) - 3:29
4. Gypsy Ball (D. Peterson, L. Stephens) - 3:00
5. Come And Get It (D. Peterson, L. Stephens, P. Wagner) - 3:17
6. Satisfaction (M. Jagger, K. Richards) - 5:10
7. The Hunter (Booker T. Jones) - 4:32
8. Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger (D. Peterson, L. Stephens) - 1:35
9. Babylon (D. Peterson) - 4:20

Blue Cheer
*Leigh Stephens - Guitar
*Dickie Peterson - Bass Guitar, Vocals, Guitar
*Paul Whaley - Drums
*Ralph Burns Kellogg - Keyboards, Organ, Reeds

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