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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Chris Youlden - Citychild (1974 uk, magnificent blues jazzy funk rock)

Youlden has a great voice and is capable of writing classic material. Here the results are kind of hit-or-miss. His second solo effort, the collection found Youlden handling production duties. Self-produced, the album was more varied than his debut. While the bluesy "Little Cog In a Big Wheel", "Love and Pain" and "It Ain't for Real" recalled his Savoy Brown-styled roots, "Conjure Wife" was an out-out-out rocker, while "Born and Raised In the City" and "Keep Your Lamp Lit" were actually funky (in a Boz Scaggs kind of way). Best of the lot was the haunting ballad "Spare Change". Like the debut, the set proved commercially stillborn.

1. Conjure Wife- 3:40
2. Born And Raised In The City- 4:00
3. The Morning Light- 3:25
4. Keep Your Lamp Lit- 3:24
5. Little Cog In A Big Wheel- 3:54
6. Peace Of Mind- 3:23
7. Walking The Streets Again- 2:27
8. Spare Change- 3:44
9. Love And Pain- 5:49
10.It Ain't For Real- 3:09
All titles by Chris Youlden

*John Beecham - Trombone
*Dave Caswell - Trumpet
*Michael Cotton - Trumpet
*Rosko Gee - Bass
*Derek Griffiths - Guitar
*Suzanne Lynch - Vocals
*Jack Mills - Guitar
*Nick Newell - Saxophone
*Anna Peacock - Vocals
*Terry Stannard - Drums
*Pete Wingfield - Keyboards
*Joy Yates - Vocals
*Chris Youlden - Vocals

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with Savoy Brown
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1969-70  Raw Sienna / Looking In

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