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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Amboy Dukes - Migration (1969 us, hard psych, korean remaster)

The most prominent feature of Migration (the Amboy Dukes' third recording, originally released on Mainstream records) is the lack of a spaced-out follow-up to the group's biggest hit, "Journey to the Center of Your Mind." Perhaps "terrible" Ted Nugent was starting to win the drug war that was beginning to wage within the band, a war that would ultimately claim more than a few key lineup casualties. 

No matter the reason, Migration -- with it's less opaque drug references and general grooviness -- was given a cool reception at record stores as listeners perhaps became slightly confused about the Michigan band's intentions while pondering Nugent's relatively eclectic musical approach. Case in point: the spot-on version of Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers' "I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent." 

Besides this bizarre but affective cover, other highlights include the instrumental opener "Migration" and one of Nugent's all-time favorite songs, "Good Natured Emma." More ambitious than the group's huge-selling effort from the year before, "Migration" might be the better of the two discs, if not the best of the Amboy Dukes' career. 
by Jason Anderson

1. Migration (Nugent) - 6:06
2. Prodigal Man (Nugent) - 5:48
3. For His Namesake (Farmer) - 4:26
4. I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent (Levy) - 1:53
5. Good Natured Emma (Nugent) - 4:37
6. Inside The Outside (Farmer) - 3:22
7. Shades Of Green And Grey (Farmer) - 3:05
8. Curb Your Elephant (Solomon) - 3:49
9. Loaded For Bear (Nugent) - 3:05
10. J.B. Special (Nugent, Farmer) - 2:32
11. Sobbin' In My Mug Of Beer (Nugent, Farmer) - 2:21

The Amboy Dukes
*Ted Nugent - Lead Guitar, Percussion
*Rusty Day - Lead Vocals, Percussion
*Greg Arama - Bass, Bass Vocals, Percussion
*Dave Palmer - Drums, Percussion
*Andy Solomon - Keyboards, Vocals, Horns, Percussion, Strings
*Steve Farmer - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Strings

1967  The Amboy Dukes

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