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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Axis - Axis (1973 greece, progressive experimental rock recorded in paris france, 2013 remaster)

The second album by this Greek band who lived in France. It's incredible diverse and features almost everything: heavy progressive, trad/free-form jazz, Crimson-like passages, experimental and atmospheric Tangerine Dream-like Mellotron-parts, Canterbury-like jazzy progressive and grandiose, symphonic parts with church-organ and choir.

The only thing that doesn't do much for me is the most far out free jazz on "Asymphonia". But the rest is GREAT! The opening track "Waiting a Long Time" is a great heavy-progressive track, and at the end the track suddenly turns into a part where it's played by a trad-jazz arrangement. And the album just continues to surprise the listener with unexcepted turns. "Sewers Down Inside" features Tangerine Dream-like flute-Mellotron and creates some great atmosphere.

"Materializing the Unlimited" sounds like a good Crimson-instrumental with great Mellotron. "Suspended Recipe", "Roads" and "The Planet Vavoura" are all more in a Canterbury progressive vein. Jazzy, but the band managed to give it a sound of their own by using the Mellotron on these passages (not very common in jazz-influenced progressive).

A great and VERY progressive album, but be aware that I've also seen this album listed as "Sewers Down Inside" and that their third (and non-progressive) album also was called "Axis".

1. Waiting A Long Time - 4:27
2. Sewers Down Inside - 6:19
3. Materializing The Unlimited - 5:03
4. Asymphonia I - 5:06
5. Suspended Precipice - 1:49
6. Roads - 5:05
7. Asymphonia II - 2:50
8. Dancing Percussion - 2:39
9. Pa Vu Ga Di - 3:45
10.The Planet Vavoura - 4:00

*Demis Visvikis - Electric Piano, Piano, Mellotron, Organ, Percussion, Vocals
*George Hadjiathanassiou - Drums, Percussion
*Alexandros Fantis - Electric Bass, Bass, Percussion
*Chris Stassinopoulos - Drums, Percussion

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