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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Fort Mudge Memorial Dump - The Fort Mudge Memorial Dump (1969 us, bostown psychedelic rock, 2005 akarma digi pack issue)

Fort Mudge Memorial Dump was a band from Walpole, Massachusetts, that started playing by 1969, gathering a good number of fans. They got filed into the “Boston Sound”, among the Ultimate Spinach, the Beacon Street Union, Orpheus, Tangerine Zoo, ecc.

With good technique and better ideas, they recorded a very sought-after LP in which the voice of Caroline Stratton stands out to some Jefferson Airplane affinity.  Guitarist Dan Keady, with his jazzy effects, leads the band.

1. Mr. Man (C. Stratton, D. Keady) - 2:39
2. Crystal Forms (C. Stratton, D. Keady, J. Deptula, D. Amaral) - 5:45
3. Actions Of A Man (Richard Clerici) - 3:21
4. Blue's Tune (D. Keady) - 3:15
5. The Seventh Is Death (Richard Clerici) - 5:29
6. What Good Is Spring (C. Stratton) - 4:02
7. Tomorrow (Richard Clerici) - 3:07
8. Know Today (C. Stratton, D. Keady) - 2:08
9. Questionable Answer (C. Stratton) - 3:23
10. The Singer (R. Clerici, D. Keady) - 7:41

The Fort Mudge Memorial Dump
*Caroline Stratton - Vocals
*Dan Keady - Guitar
*James - Drums
*Dave Amaral - Bass
*Richard Clerici - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

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