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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Condello - Phase I (1968 us, smart multicolor psychedelia, 2007 RDI remaster)

Formed in Arizona but based in California, Condello's Phase One album has some fine moments. it's sometimes like listening to some psychedelic comp because of the way it jumps from popsike to fuzz-driven garage stomps. 

Mike Condello did it all in four decades in the music business: serve as music director for two local Phoenix TV shows (Teen Beat and The Wallace & Ladmo Show), lead his own bands like Hub Cap and the Wheels, parody the Beatles with Commodore Condello’s Salt River Navy Band, and even play with luminaries like Keith Moon, the Tubes, and Jackson Browne. 

In 1968, he also led his own band - which released the psychedelic masterwork Phase 1 on Scepter Records. Featuring a young Bill Spooner (pre-Tubes) on guitar, the album flows and trickles through your mind with more saturation than Lucy and her diamonds in the sky- picking up a few nuggets, boulders, and pebbles in the emergent violet haze. 

Sadly, Mike Condello committed suicide in the 90s after suffering from severe depression.

1. Crystal Clear (Ray Trainer) - 3:29
2. Oh No (Michael Condello) - 2:40
3. Guess I Better Go (Ray Trainer) - 2:34
4. Charming Sitter (Michael Condello) - 2:42
5. All You Need (Ray Trainer) - 4:01
6. Keep It Inside (Michael Condello) - 3:09
7. Dr. Tarr Professor Fether (Michael Condello) - 2:49
8. The Other Side Of You (Ray Trainer) - 4:12
9. See What Tomorrow Brings (Michael Condello) - 3:29
10.He'll Keep Waiting (Michael Condello) - 2:30
11.It Don't Matter (Ray Trainer, Michael Condello) - 4:43

*Michael Condello - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitars, Organ, Piano, Celeste
*Ray Trainer - Bass, String Bass, Vocals, Flute, Organ
*Dennis Kenmore - Drums
*William Spooner - Guitars, Vocals

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  1. That's a good album. Thanks a lot...

  2. This is a fine slice of wax. So is Warren S. Richardson, Jr's. S/T LP on same remaster label RDI.
    -Just Tom

  3. Thanks very much for this obscure but very good album!

  4. Very talented and well done,

    Too inter-penis-centric for my taste.
    (as was common in the 70's)

    Just my impression - right or wrong.

    But interesting, thanks.

    - Desert Girl

  5. 'Soggy Cereal' was the nadir of the entire 'Pebbles' comp. series; I've often wondered why a piece of garbage like it was included in such a great series as it was in no way in keeping with the genre to begin with. It's nice to see that Condello was more talented than that entry indicated. Thanks for posting this.

  6. Does Anyone Know Where Their Daughter Pamela Dunn is? I am an old friend and would love to make contact with her. Thanks for any help! B

  7. Link to brings up message "This Account has been suspended. Contact your hosting provider for more information."

  8. 3rd Ear, Condello- Phase I updated..