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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Argent - Nexus (1974 uk, fascinating art progressive rock, 2008 japan remaster)

"Nexus" is easily Argent's most progressive album. The three first tracks on the album are instrumental, keyboard-dominated progressive rock of a kind all of you will enjoy. Tons of Hammond, mellotron and moogs plays mighty and inspired themes. Very good. "Love" is a ballad that gets saved by a very pleasant mellotron arrangement. "Keeper of the Flame" is a nice symphonic track that for some unknown reason reminds me a little bit of Greenslade. "Thunder and Lightning" and "Gonna Meet My Maker" are more straightforward rock tracks. 

The El-piano dominated "Music from the Spheres" and "Man for All Reasons" is a little bit slick, but they're definitively not bad. The latter is kind of a progressive pop-track in the vein of Kayak. Argent's problem was that the two main songwriters in the band, Rod Argent and Russ Ballard, obviously had very different musical interests. Argent was the one who wrote the most progressive tunes while Ballard was much more hit-song oriented, resulting in a lack of musical profile. Anyway, most of their material is good and so is the performance too. 

1. The Coming Of Kohoutek (R. Argent, C. White) - 3:10
2. Once Around The Sun (R. Argent, C. White) - 2:20
3. Infinite Wanderer (R. Argent, C. White) - 3:02
4. Love (R. Ballard) - 3:51
5. Music From The Spheres (R. Argent, C. White) - 8:10
6. Thunder And Lightning (R. Ballard) - 5:05
7. Keeper Of The Flame (R. Argent, C. White) - 6:02
8. Man For All Reasons (R. Ballard) - 4:44
9. Gonna Meet My Maker (R. Ballard) - 4:35

*Rod Argent – Organ, Electric Piano, Vocals
*Russ Ballard – Guitar, Vocals
*Jim Rodford - Bass Guitar, Guitar, Vocals
*Robert Henrit - Drums, Percussion

1970  Argent - Argent (Japan remaster)
1971  Argent - Ring Of Hands (Japan remaster)
1972  Argent - All Together Now (Japan remaster)
1973  Argent - In Deep (Japan remaster)
1974  Argent - Encore Live in Concert  (Japan remaster)

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Anonymous said...

Muchisimas Gracias

oiranduck said...

Thank you Mr. Marios.
I think japan remaster of they're very valuable.
I ask if you have "Counterpoints" "The BBC Sessions".

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

Hi again Marios.. Seems I keep running into the files that are on the old freetext.. and of course they are gone. All the argent particularly nexus, the debut, all together now, encore, and in deep, are toast.. I have the other two ..
When you have some free time, would you consider re-upping those? Thanks.. Doc..
(this is actually my fave blog, BTW.. )

Marios said...

Doccus Rockus Maximus, Nexus reup...

Wagner Ferreira said...

Hello Marios! I could suggest posting (if you have, of course) of brilliant: TUDOR LODGE - Tudor Lodge, 1971 ‎(Esoteric Recordings - ECLEC 2285 - 2011)? Thanks a lot, man!