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Monday, November 11, 2013

Elvin Bishop - Party Till The Cows Come Home (1969-70/72 us, magnificent blues rock with funky soul shades, 2004 double disc edition)

This double CD combines Elvin Bishop's first three albums (variously credited to the Elvin Bishop Group and the Elvin Bishop Band) on to two discs. Containing 1969's Elvin Bishop Group, 1970s Feel It!, and 1972's Rock My Soul, it has virtually everything he recorded for Fillmore and Epic in the late 1960s and early 1970s, serving as an overview of his entire early career as a bandleader. 

Also included are three bonus tracks: one, "Stealin' Watermelons," from a non-LP single, and two other live performances from the various-artists compilation album Last Days of the Fillmore. Although they have their merits, these are erratic albums in which Bishop didn't stick solely to the electric blues-rock he'd made his name with in the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Instead, these also dig into soul and R'n'B, as well as what can only be called (on some of his vocal numbers) comedy. He relinquished most of the lead vocal duties to Jo Baker starting with the second album, and this saw an improvement in the sound and material. 
by Richie Unterberger

Disc 1
1. The Things That I Used To Do (E. Jones) - 4:02
2. Tulsa Shuffle (E. Bishop) - 5:21  
3. Sweet Potato (E. Bishop) - 5:42  
4. How Much More (J. B. Lenoir) - 3:03  
5. Dad Gum Ya Hide, Boy (G. Bromley Jr.) - 2:55  
6. Honey Bee (E. Bishop) - 3:28  
7. Prisoner Of Love (P. Mayfield) - 5:22 
8. Don't Fight It (Feel It) (W. Pickett, S. Cropper) - 3:11 
9. I Just Can't Go On (J. Baker) - 3:38 
10.So Good (E. Bishop, S. Miller) - 7:38 
11.Crazy 'Bout You Baby (W Williamson) - 3:15 
12.So Fine (J. Otis) - 2:40 
13.Party Till The Cows Come Home (E. Bishop, S. Miller) - 3:22 
14.Hogbottom (E. Bishop, S. Miller) - 6:47 
15.Be With Me (E. Bishop, S. Miller) - 4:08 
16.As The Years Go Passing By (D. Malone) - 4:05 
Tracks 1 To 7 From "Elvin Bishop Group" 1969
Tracks 8 To 16 From "Feel It!"  1970

Disc 2
1. Rock My Soul (E. Bishop) - 2:46
2. Holler And Shout (E. Bishop) - 2:38
3. Let It Shine (E. Bishop) - 3:18
4. Don't Mind If I Do (E. Bishop) - 2:00
5. Rock Bottom (E. Bishop, J. Baker) - 2:58
6. Last Mile (Instrumental) (E. Bishop) - 2:50
7. Have A Good Time (E. Bishop) - 2:47
8. Wings Of A Bird (E. Bishop) - 3:36
9. Old Man Trouble (E. Bishop) - 3:47
10.Out Behind The Barn (E. Bishop) - 2:51
11.Stomp (Instrumental) (E. Bishop) - 3:12
12.Stealin' Watermelons  (E. Bishop) - 2:56
13.So Fine (Live) (J. Otis) - 3:58
14.Party Till The Cows Come Home (Live) (E. Bishop, S. Miller) - 3:07

The Elvin Bishop Group On Tracks 1 To 7 (The Elvin Bishop Group)
*Elvin Bishop - Guitar, Vocals
*Stephen Miller - Organ
*John Chambers - Drums
*Art Stavro - Bass
*Applejack - Harp
*Alberto Gianquinto - Piano

The Elvin Bishop Group On Tracks 8 To 16 (Feel It!)
*Elvin Bishop - Guitar, Vocals
*Stephen Miller - Vocals, Piano, Organ
*John Chambers - Drums
*Jo Baker - Vocals, Percussion
*Kip Maercklein - Bass
*The Pointer Sisters (Patricia, June And Anita) - Vocals
*Chepito Areas And Mike Carabello - Timbales, Congason
*Perry Welsh - Vocals

The Elvin Bishop Band On CD 2. Tracks 1 To 11
*Elvin Bishop - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Slide Guitar, Lead Vocals
*Jo Baker - Lead Vocals
*Stephen Miller - Organ Piano
*Kip Maercklein - Bass
*Bill Meeker - Drums
*John Chambers - Drums On Track 11 Only
*Dennis Marcellino, Mel Ellison - Tenor Sax
*Ron Stallings - Vocal And Tenor Sax On Track 2
*Milt Holland - Percussion
*Delaney Bramlett - Rhythm, Slide Guitar
*Perry Welsh - Harmonica
*Bobby Bruce - Fiddle Solo
*Jim Gordon - Clarinet
*Delaney And Bonnie (Courtesy Of Columbia Records) -  Backing Vocals
*Jo Baker, Clydie King, Vanetta Fields, Gloria Jones -  Backing Vocals
*Perry Welsh & Shirley Matthews -  Backing Vocals
Strings Arranged And Conducted By Jim Gordon

1977  Live! Raisin' Hell (2012 remaster edition)
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