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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Road - Road (1972 uk / us, stunning hard psych rock, with Noel Redding)

Formed in March 1972 by former Jimi Hendrix Experience bassist Noel Redding, in the aftermath of a debilitating fall at Frank Zappa’s home, this short-lived power trio also featured former Rare Earth guitarist Rod Richards and Redding’s Fat Mattress bandmate Leslie Sampson on drums. 

Their sole album is a crunching hard rock collection that was praised on release that July – but the band split soon afterwards, making it a lost piece of the jigsaw for Hendrix fans, and a must-hear for all lovers of proto-metal.

1. I'm Trying (Rod Richards) - 6:33
2. I'm Going Down To The Country (Noel Redding) - 2:42
3. Mushroom Man (Rod Richards, Leslie Sampson) - 4:08
4. Man Dressed In Red (Noel Redding) - 7:00
5. Spaceship Earth (Rod Richards) - 3:28
6. My Friends (Noel Redding) - 6:17
7. Road (Rod Richards) - 9:29

*Noel Redding - Bass, Vocals, Production
*Rod Richards - Guitar, Vocals
*Leslie Sampson - Drums, Vocals, Percussion

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  1. Road self-titled album ends up being little more than warmed-up post-Hendrix hard rock, heavy on the wah pedal. Richards actually turns in some fine, if not particularly original, performances on guitar, and Redding proves he couldn't write good songs if his career depended on it (clearly "She's So Fine" and "Little Miss Strange" were his high points). In true '70s hard rock form, the album drags a bit on side two during the obligatory drum solo on "Friends" and especially during Redding's ham-fisted bass "solo" on the unnecessarily epic "Road." Almost redeemed by Richards' guitar work, check this out only if you have a serious jones for '70s hard rock and/or wah-wah excess.

  2. Truly an overlooked classic - thanks

  3. Another great album, thanks 2 Nelwizard and Marios!

  4. I do like this album, some of it is a bit countryfied, but the use of the wah-wah is a bit excessive.

  5. Really happy to see this is here, as the drive of mine that I had it on failed! Many thanks to you for all your work, Marios <3

  6. Thank you Marios!

  7. Totally ignore adamus67 - like all his other myopic opinions, it's of no value. Decent, average hard-rock record. Good to see that Redding kept busy post-JHE.