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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Alexis - Alexis (1977 us, delicate guitar rock with mild harmonies, Vinyl issue)

A slightly Hard Rock band, Alexis are amongst a plethora of American outfits who released product in the 70's and 80's who would fall into legend with collectors thanks to a sole album release even though the record might just have been a little on the average side. 

Alexis' album was recorded at The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA and produced by Ron Nevison.

1. Fly by Night - 3:49
2. It's About You (Eddie Ulibarri) - 3:54
3. We Need Help Now (Robby Fallberg, Randy Reeder) - 3:17
4. Goodnight My Son (David Martinez, Eddie Ulibarri) - 3:09
5. It's in Your Hands - 3:06
6. Late Night Rocker - 3:52
7. Lord Keeps Account (Larry Braden, Randy Reeder, Dick Walker) - 4:50
8. Moon Worlds - 3:45
9. Elam (Eddie Ulibarri) - 4:50
All songs by Larry Braden, Robby Fallberg, David Peters, Randy Reeder, Eddie Ulibarri, Dick Walker except where noted.

*Eddie Ulibarri - Lead Vocals, Piano, Celeste, Synthesizer
*Robbie Fallberg - Guitars
*Larry Braden - Vocals, Bass
*Dick Walker - Vocals, Piano, Synthesizer
*Randy Reeder - Drums
*Dave Peters - Saxophone, Synthesizer

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guinea pig said...


kobilica said...

Never heard of this band .Thanks...

mscmichael said...

Unknown to me. Thanks very much...

adamus67 said...

Denver sextet Alexis were formed in 1974 and spent the first two years hitting the circuit in the southwest before finally landing a contract with MCA Records in 1976. The following year, their self-titled debut was released and the band were on the road with major artists like Foreigner, Styx, UFO and Atlanta Rhythm Section. Alexis were a classic example of a band with enough talent to surpass what they actually created. Put simply, the album is marred by the inconsistency of their songwriting. Alexis had great potential as a true rock band, but with so many cooks in the songwriting kitchen, consistency in their material was something we were not going to get. Hence, the mish mash of styles present on the album. Despite constant touring,Alexis were unable to generate enough interest to sustain themselves and MCA promptly dropped the band. It is not known how long the band continued on before splitting, but vocalist/keyboardist Eddie Ulibarri did resurface as a session player and currently performs with No Nation.

@Lamz,Thanks vinyl rip.

william fullenwider said...

More power rock didn't even know about alot of hard rock bands in the 70s learning they were many out there who missed to be big

william fullenwider said...

Hard rock was pretty much the side stuff in CHR some made it but most we're never heard it's too bad I like variety meaning top 40 today really lack hard rock not enjoying today music like the 70s and 80s just isn't as good too many sound the same why can't they go back to playing a to z instead of now crap and no hard rock joke today