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Friday, November 9, 2012

Everyone - Everyone (1971 uk, marvelous progressive folk rock, 2011 Flawed Gems extra tracks edition)

One of the least known and most underrated folk-progressive albums from Britain! Fronted by noted folk guitarist Andy Roberts (ex-Liverpool Scene) and organist Bob Sargeant (ex-Junco Partners) the band released his eponymous album in January 1971 on B'n'C label - home of Atomic Rooster, Steeleye Span, Ginhouse and Hannibal. 

This quite varied, nicely arranged and very often simply stunning album contained plenty of interesting folk (or even country rock) ideas mixed with classic, progressive sounds - with changing moods, atmospheric instrumental piano/organ/mellotron passages, fine guitar leads and very complex and slightly jazzy rhythm section. 

It's an album for all music lovers and Rockasteria followers.

1. Trouble At The Mill - 3:26
2. Sad - 7:02
3. Midnight Shift  - 2:05
4. Don't Get Me Wrong - 4:27
5. Sitting On A Rock - 3:04
6. Too Much A Loser - 5:56
7. Radio Lady - 3:17
8. This Way Up - 5:20
9. Trio - 4:56
10.Too Much A Loser - 6:04
Tracks 9-10 unreleased bonus tracks from the BBC sessions

*Andy Roberts - Vocals, Acoustic, Electric Guitars, Slide Guitar, Violin
*Bob Sargeant - Vocals, Organ, Piano, Mellotron,
*Acoustic Guitar, Vibes, Harmonica
*Dave Richards - Vocals, Bass, Organ
*John Pearson - Drums, Percussion
Special Guest
*John Porter - Electric Guitar

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Hajul Ellah said...

as rare as rocking horse shit! Many thanks, Marios.

kobilica said...

This album is a killer gem.As I said before,you have a great taste for good music.Extra thanks for this album.Cheers...

Anatoly said...

Miraculous share, Marios! Thank you!

mscmichael said...

Unknown to me. Thanks a lot...

DanP said...

very tempting...

Holly said...

many thanks!

Daniel said...

I have listened to a couple of Andy Roberts' albums, but never to this one (I know that this is not a Andy Roberts' solo album tought).

Very pleasant album. Thanks Marios !!

Remy said...

Thanks Marios!

Anonymous said...

I wait Good God[1972]!

violao said...


Pita Gyros said...

Hi Marios... here is another one, for Everyone...

Marios said...