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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spreadeagle - The Piece Of Paper (1972 uk, remarkable multi blended progressive rock, 2012 Flawed Gems issue)

It may hard to believe, but this is the debut album of this little-known comb. Released by Charisma records In 1972 the only album of this still highly underrated, British progressive band should appeal to fans of classic, heavy and quite melodic rock based on catchy but intense guitars, ever-changing moods rhythms and complex vocal parts. 

Spreadeagle offered a varied, imaginative, cheerful and well-arranged songs (very often in elaborate forms) in the vein of early Camel. Whisbone Ash, Public for Roman, Home and with a hint of early Santana. It has been remastered from the original analogue sounds, gives a high quality sound.

1. How Can We Be Lost - 2:57
2. Brothers In The Sunshine (Sam Llewellyn) - 7:10
3. Nightingale Lane - 2:37
4. Piece Of Paper - 6:31
5. Nightmare (Andy Blackford) - 2:53
6. Eagles - 7:20
7. Scipio - 4:26
8. Talking To A Sailor - 2:30
All compositions by Tim Phillips except where indicated

*Andy Blackford - Vocals, Guitars
*Tim Phillips - Vocals, Guitars, Banjo, Piano
*Sam Llewellyn - Vocals, Bass, Percussion
*Jim Copley - Drums
*Jon Field, Nick & Shel - Additional Percussion

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Remy said...

I enjoyed the sample. Thanks Marios!

mscmichael said...

Unknown to me. Thanks a lot...

Hajul Ellah said...

This is amazing rare stuff! Thanks a lot, Marios.

Laurent said...

This excellent album was totally unknown for me. Thanks a lot for the discovery, Marios.

Percha said...

Muchas gracias por mantener viva esta página fantástica. Thank you very much.

kobilica said...

Somethimes I asked myself how many great albums are waiting to be discovered from that time.This is one of them.Thanks"MARIOS"...

adamus67 said...

Wow...First time on CD! Released in 1972 the British Charisma label, the hard-progressive album Spreadeagle group is a piece of great, guitar, juicy rock (with numerous improvised parties) in the style of Wishbone Ash, very early Camel, Spontaneous Combustion, Home and Ginhouse and Stray. Three long tracks lasting a total of 21 minutes are simply paramount, and four shorter compositions, difficult to fault anything (they are really cool), but inevitably instrumental parts are not as impressive. Generally, it is completely forgotten and yet very convincing British hard-prog from high shelves! Excellent production and great sound quality! I highly recommend it!

Marios,Thanks a lot.

muzicprog said...

Hi. Marios: a lost jewel hidden from great label Charisma (éverlastin andd unforgettable Tony Straton-Smith!).
Big fat record ! and in many wishlist. Danks for FG editin´many records so hard 2 find.
Danks 4 yer blog an dyer generosity.

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!

Sergey said...

Very good thing! thank you very much.

Pita Gyros said...

I would like to spread this again... Thank you very much Marios

Marios said...


juan manuel muñoz said...

muchas thanks. Saludos

Anonymous said...

I've bought it yesterday, never heard of 'em before. A fine album and it fits well in my collection.

RecordTeeb said...

I got this as part of a good bargain buy at an outdoor flea market in the Cherokee Nation (23 records for $20). I was amazed at how good this record sounds - the amazing part is that I’d never heard it, although I’ve seen it for sale before. It is proggy to a degree, but almost a glam vibe as well. I think comparing to Spontaneous Combustion is fairly accurate. It’s good for sure, I’m keeping this one!