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Friday, August 3, 2012

Various Artists - English Freakbeat Vol. 3 (1963-68 uk, 25 beat-pop pounders)

This mid-'60s British rock compilation, offers an occasional surprise: the protest folk-rock of the Mockingbirds' "One By One" (featuring Graham Gouldman), the weird cover of "Surf City" by the Raving Savages (Screaming Lord Sutch's backup band, with Ritchie Blackmore and Nicky Hopkins), and Bryan & the Brunelles' Zombies soundalike "Jacqueline." 

The biggest surprise, however, will bring this to the attention of listeners who don't collect these kinds of compilations: there are three 1963 demos by the Ravens, a pre-Kinks group led by Dave Davies. Actually, it sounds suspiciously like Ray Davies is singing on these tracks, liner notes to the contrary. It's bound to create excitement, and controversy about their actual origin, among Kinks collectors, but in any case, "I'm a Hog for You Baby" is a respectable R&B cover, "I Believed You" a poppy number in the spirit of the Kinks' two pre-"You Really Got Me" singles, and "This I Know" a more introspective, folky tune that (like "I Believed You") certainly sounds like an unreleased Ray Davies composition. 
by Richie Unterberger

Artists - Tracks
1.Sons Of Fred - I, I, I Want You Lovin' - 1:46
2.Sons Of Fred - She Only Wants a Friend - 2:18
3.In Crowd - Why Must They Criticise - 2:29
4.Thee - There You Go - 1:44
5.UK's - You Love Is All I Want - 2:06
6.Attraction - She's a Girl - 2:38
7.Bryan And Brunelles - Jacqueline - 2:28
8.Ways And Means - Breaking up a Dream - 2:29
9.Thoughts - Memory of Your Love - 2:09
10.Couriers - Take Away - 2:21
11.Mockingbirds - One By One - 2:24
12.Answers - It's Just A Fear - 3:19
13.Raving Savages - Surf City - 2:23
14.Svensk - Getting Old - 2:09
15.Ravens/Dave Davies - I'm a Hog For You Baby - 1:42
16.Ravens/Dave Davies - I Believed You - 1:59
17.Ravens/Dave Davies - This I Know - 2:03
18.Quakers - She's All Right - 2:41
19.Quakers - Talk to Me - 2:23
20.Talismen - You Break My Heart - 2:08
21.Frays - Keep Me Covered - 2:35
22.Favourite Sons - Walking Walking Walking - 2:09
23.Shakespears - Burning My Fingers - 2:11
24.Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Tich - He's a Raver - 2:09
25.Talismen - What Kind of Boy - 2:34

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Another excellent volume. Thank you !


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Anonymous, "Various Artists - English Freakbeat Vol. 3", reuploaded..