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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Various Artists - Fading Yellow Vol.12 A Lighthearted Life (1966-72 euro, uk, australian, another collection of pop-sike and other delights)

The vol. 12 from the series Fading Yellow splits again the muse between Australia, continental Europe and Great Britain, of course the level remains high, both in music -a fine blend of jazzy orchestrated psychedelic pop-, and the CD presentation, the covers and detailed information about each artist. I hope this is gonna turn to be a pleasant Sunday companionship.

Artists - Tracks
1.  Pennywise - Lily Come Near Me (The Netherlands) - 3:09
2.  Murray Head - Someday Soon (UK) - 2:55
3.  Paul Vigrass - Like It Never Was (UK) - 3:50
4.  Pillow - Choirs (Sweden) - 3:05
5.  Tin Tin - Swans On The Canal (Australia) - 2:18
6.  Blue Skies - Nightingales (UK) - 2:31
7.  Ted Mulry - Julia (Australia) - 2:22
8.  Skaldowie - Cala Jestes W Skowronkach (Poland) - 4:38
9.  Jormas - Tomorrow Is Hers (Finland) - 2:50
10.Change - When The Morning Comes (Iceland/UK)  - 4:12
11.Jackpots - Lincoln City (Sweden) - 3:02
12.The Fortunes - I Can/T Remember When The Sun Went In (UK) - 3:22
13.Bengt & Pontus - Your Problem (Sweden) - 1:59
14.M.T. Else - The Ferris Wheel (Sweden) - 2:41
15.Biddu - Look Out Here I Come (UK) - 3:07
16.Harlem Speakeasy - Sight Of Pegasus (UK) - 2:12
17.Mike Tingley - Monotony's Message (The Neterlands) - 3:32
18.Nameless - A Lighthearted Life (Sweden) - 2:53
19.Gerry Morris - See Through My Mind (UK) - 3:36
20.Ted Mulry - So Much In Love  Julia (Australia) - 2:43
21.Dave Berry - Chaplin House (UK) - 3:37
22.Pebbles - I Wonder (Belgium) -  3:16
23.Victoire Scott -  4eme Dimension (France) -  3:05
24.Victoire Scott -  Une Fleur Dans Le Coeur (France) -  2:11

Fading Yellow series..
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  1. Thank you Marios.
    That just leaves one vol. left, vol. 13.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Thank you very much Marios.

  3. Hi Marios
    I am McFadden's Parachute. Is there a code to extract the fading yellow series? When I try to extract, it will not fully "unpack"...
    Thank you!

  4. Actually none of the files I have downloaded from Deposit files are extracting...

  5. I think some are from Rapidshare as well that are not extracting...

  6. Hi Marios, thank you..I did see that on another post and although it did start to extract, it was unable to complete the extracting and the folder was empty..
    Would you have a suggestion for an extraction program? I use Rarfile Extract Frog....
    You have great music and I appreciate your posts..I just really want to listen to these great songs I LOVE Wildwood and have been wanting more music by them for decades!

  7. Darren Thomas Brennessel,
    I use winrar, get it here:

    Or 7zip, get it from here:

    Just note the the password isn't always same, but always it's written in free text.
    Thank you

  8. Marios! It Worked! Thank you!!
    I will be giving you links in a few days to some albums i have uploaded for you to enjoy and share.
    I'll let you know when!!

  9. Well Marios, although I was able to extract (with error) the files show up and mp3's but they will not play on anything on my computer. It states that the file extension does not match the file I don't know what is going on...(even after using Winrar)...
    Any suggestions would be ppreciated. Now since I have Winrar, I can rar some of my albums and send you the link! I have some cool stuff to send you!

  10. thank you very much for this teriffic collection,from what i've listened to,very tasty :)

    thanks 4 sharing,

  11. Darren Thomas Brennessel.....after extracting the mp3's using Free Rar Extract Frog, you can burn them to a CD-R using ITunes (click each song and it will load into ITunes, from there you can drag each song into a playlist, then burn the playlist.) OR you can load each song into a program called Roxio Easy Media Creator and burn a CD-R from there. Hope this helps !

  12. Top!
    Thank you very much.