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Monday, July 16, 2012

V.A. - Fading Yellow Vol.13 (1965-72 us, lazy days, popsike and other delights)

The last piece from the Fading Yellow  puzzle, leads us again to North America, forgotten treasures come to light in this 13th volume, an  ideal setting for the most demanding listeners, acoustic, guitar, baroque pop along with the always consistent and remarkable job on the covers and detailed notes about each musician. 

I would like to thank my friend Cor for all his  hard work and specially in these Fading Yellow series, most of them are limited and hard to find, and the value is sometimes large enough to obtain them. 
Thank you all.

Artists - Tracks
1. Burnside - I Need No Help From You - 2:27
2. We The People - For No One To See - 2:01
3. The Arbors - I Can't Quit Her - 3:11
4. The Dickens - One Of A Kind Woman - 3:00
5. Michael - Love Is Just Around The Corner - 2:38
6. Terry Mcmanus - Gimme A Hand - 2:01
7. Bread - Cover Me Babe - 3:43
8. Early Times - Valley Of The Sun - 2:41
9. Benjamin Carry Ltd. - Catch The Rain - 1:57
10. Timothy - Mr Moonlight - 2:34
11. Lewis And Clark - Daddy's Plastic Child - 3:02
12. Natty Bumpo - Legends - 2:45
13. Pebbles And Shells - Let's Be More Than Friends Tonight - 2:25
14. Cinnamon - Have You Gone Out Of Your Mind? - 2:32
15. Bach's Lunch - You Go On - 2:21
16. Sure Cure - Anything You Want - 2:50
17. Harry's Group - Under My Umbrella - 2:35
18. Company Front - So Lonely - 2:25
19. Timothy - That Is All - 2:21
20. Jack Holiday - Lazy Day - 2:54

Fading Yellow series..
1965-69 Vol.1 - Timeless Pop-Sike And Other Delights
1965-69 Fading Yellow Vol. 2 US Pop Sikes
1965-69 Fading Yellow - Vol. 3
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1968-72 Fading Yellow - Vol. 7
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1966-72 Fading Yellow - Vol. 9
60-70's Fading Yellow - Vol. 10
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  1. Great thanks for the 13 cds issued in this fantastic collection.
    I remember a few months ago the issue of an LP but I don't bought it.
    At the time I mailed to the Sweden seller for the issue of a box like Rubble Collection,Chocolate Soup for diabetics,Perfumed garden...but it seems its a Past &Present label monopole.
    Thanks also for using rapidshare(a little problem with my computer and rapidshare a few days ago,I must only open a new session and close the old).

  2. Marios thanks for completing the set.
    Son of Fading Yellow vol 1 and 2 would be nice too even tho about half of the songs on the comps are from more well known artists.
    I think the 2 vols were more limited 'promo' only releases so even rarer than Fading Yellow CDs.

  3. Wow! THANK YOU SO MUCH Marios and COR for the full osting this whole series. amazing stuff.

  4. crap - should have read "THANK YOU SO MUCH Marios and COR for the full posting of this whole series"

  5. Unbelievable but there's even more to thank you for today - THANK YOU for: Kaleidoscope, Badfinger, The Remains and The Troggs. Seriously amazing Marios - when so many other blogs have closed you've got not 1 but 2 blogs up and running!

  6. This is the best download blog out there at the moment.

  7. I've already taken all the volumes of this series from Cor's place, but I'd like to thank him one more time for uploading and you for spreading all this great stuff around.
    Keep up the good work!

  8. thank you Marios and thank you Cor. In total this series has about 300 gems waiting to be discovered. I will be listening to these comps for years!!

  9. The fun hits overdrive!!!!
    Many thanks to Cor & Marios for their unrelenting generosity.

  10. Thankx for this serie. Very good. Fantastic. All the best.

  11. thanks so much for this fine collection marios. haven't gotten 2 it all but what i have listened 2 has been tasty,thanks 4 sharing,

  12. This really is the best download blog on the internet! Thanks for all the great music ! I love it !

  13. Thanks so much for this whole comp. Great one, most appreciated!

  14. I´m the maker of the FY series and the more people who download these volumes the chances of more vol´s to be released is less of a chance so buy the real deal, thanx, JJ/Sweden

  15. Top!
    Thank you very much.

  16. great collection. thanks for sharing, but that free text link is causing my mac to freeze-crash. mal-ware??? fire-fox prob??? anyone else have any issues?

  17. Check again, I've made some changes.

  18. thanks for responding, and thanks for the great music

  19. ok i guess i'm an idiot but i can't figure out what the password is...?