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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Rationals - Temptation 'Bout To Get Me / Live At The Grande Ballroom Nov. 27 (1968 us, sharp and raw garage 'n' blues, 1995 Alive Vinyl issue)

Recorded live at Detroit's Grande Ballroom in November 1968, this finds the group using a much heavier hard/blues rock approach than they took on their singles, concentrating on blues,R & B covers. It has its use as a document of where they were at during this era. The sound quality isn’t really great (poor I would say), but  the onus is probably more in value as a documentary  heritage.
by Richie Unterberger (the half)

1. Fever (Davenport, Cooley) - 4:44
2. I Get Evil (Whitaker) - 2:55
3. Temptation 'Bout To Get Me (The Knight Brothers) - 3:56
4. The Instrumental (Rationals) - 3:56
5. Wang Dang Doodle (W. Dixon) - 10:47

*Scott Morgan - Lead Vocals, Flute, Harmonica, Percussions
*Steve Correll - Electric Guitar, Vocals
*Terry Trabandt - Bass, Vocals
*Bill Figg - Drums

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