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Monday, July 23, 2012

Magi - Win Or Lose (1975 us, loudest energy dirty guitar rock, Radioactive release)

This north Indiana outfit ruled the roost in the “Michiana” region in the mid-’70s, attracting huge crowds whenever they played live. Often compared with Led Zeppelin, this 5-piece outfit rocked the area with a tight and raw sound that combined in-your-face hard rock with undisguised psychedelic tendencies and lashings of fuzz. 

It must be said the boys didn’t do themselves any favours by issuing their only known album with a cover reminiscent of a Journey photo shoot, but regardless of their dubious hair and sense of dress, Magi certainly deserved more than the obscurity into which they ultimately lapsed. 

Win Or Lose, recorded at Uncle Dirty’s Sound Machine studios in Michigan in 1976, and which boasts a series of solid songs propelled by a tight rhythm section and some more-than respectable vocals, is always reviewed enthusiastically: “superb heavy rock fuzz spectacular with some psych feel” “ rare Led Zep-like masterpiece of killer rock ” “hard ro c k i n ’ with a psych edge that makes it totally unique” In another place or time this band could have been huge. 

As it is, we only have this one incredibly rare album to judge them by, but based on the evidence, Magi definitely receives an unqualified thumbs-up.  About a decade later Tom Stevens became one of the Paisley Underground's most active musicians, forming the Long Ryders and been a part of  Danny and Dusty's outfit.

1. Win or Lose - 5:13
2. Undecided Man - 5:11
3. I Didn't Ask You - 5:51
4. Steven Jam - 4:48
5. Fryin' Away - 6:56
6. Snow Bound - 4:56
7. Runnin' Low - 5:43
8. Everytime I'm with You - 4:42

*Tom Stevens - Bass, Vocals
*Steve Vanlaningham - Guitar
*Larry Stutzman - Guitar, Vocals
*Jerry Wiggins - Drums
*John Gaut - Vocals

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echoes said...

Great rocking!

Woody said...

Thank you very much for this. Really a fantastic album. Good.

Philipp said...

Marios, many, many thanks for all uploading treasures!! You're really the greatest!!

peraberg said...

Thanks for exxcellent album. Too bad it's Radioactive

Pello said...

Thankx a lot for this album. I've liked. All the best.

Jamie (tacobueno) said...

Thanks very much Marios! Btw, the year is '76 for it as opposed to '72 - no big deal though.

The band's bass player is Tom Stevens - the same guy who was bassist for the Long Ryders in the 80's. There's a really good interview with him about Magi here for anyone who wants to read it:

Marios said...

Thank you Jamie,
corrections made, as for Tom Stevens, I've already wrote couple of lines,
I've been a Long Ryders follower from the mid 80's (have their vinyls and CD's).

Marios said...


bobbysu said...

Thank you so much