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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Open Mind - The Open Mind (1969 uk, splendid psych freak beat)

The band was formed in the mid 1960s by four musicians from Putney, South London.Initially named The Drag Set, they released a little-known single in February 1967, "Day and Night"/"Get Out of My Way". Shortly thereafter, they changed their name to The Open Mind and in July 1969 released a self-titled LP which has since become a highly sought-after collectible.

The Open Mind produced one of the finest UK psychedelic albums, which is excellent throughout and hardly contains a bad track. The music is characterised by some particularly strong psychedelic guitar work and good vocals. It's impossible really to pull-out particular tracks as highlights - they're almost all equally good.

Fortunately this album was re-released and this has made this classic piece of 60’s Freakbeat much more accessible to collectors of 60’s psychedelia. The reissue includes their second rare 45 release, which unlike the first wasn't taken from the album and is superb. A blistering 45 with tasty psychedelic fuzz guitar work. The band, however, is best known for its druggy August 1969 single, "Magic Potion", which did not appear on the album.

1. Dear Louise - 3:11
2. Try Another Day - 2:41
3. I Feel the Same Way Too - 5:02
4. My Mind Cries - 3:08
5. Can't You See? - 2:57
6. Thor the Thunder God - 2:46
7. Horses and Chariots - 3:35
8. Before My Time - 4:06
9. Free as the Breeze - 5:37
10. Girl I'm So Alone - 3:19
11. Soul and My Will - 2:56
12. Falling Again - 3:08
13. Magic Potion - 3:24
14. Cast a Spell - 2:12
15. Day and Night - 2:15
16. Get out of My Way - 2:19
Tracks from 13-16 are 45'  single releases.

The Open Mind
*Mike Brancaccio - Guitar, Vocals
*Timothy De Feu - Bass
*Phil Fox - Drums
*Terry Martin - Guitar, Vocals
*Jon Anderson briefly sang in the band but left before the recordings to form Yes.

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mscmichael said...

That's a classic piece of psychedelia. Thanks very much...

vishangro said...

excellent choice - looking forwasrd to re-listening to this album.
Thanks Marios

Jamie (tacobueno) said...

Thanks for allowing me the chance to get this back on my HD - burned it to CDR many years ago.

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Please and thanks.

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