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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Muddy Waters - Electric Mud (1968 us, brilliant psych blues)

Muddy Waters to some people is the king of blues.He had many great albums, Including but not limited to:
I'm Ready, Fathers and Sons, The Real folk Blues, and Hard Again.

I think Electric Mud should be among these. When it came out though, music critics and blues purists alike did not enjoy listening to it. Muddy Waters himself hated the album. I assume they thought it took away from real blues and essential Muddy Waters 'sound', it seemed more or less like he was changing with the times to keep getting revenue from his music career.

But in some ways this album makes the 'blues' easier for newcomers to understand.Therefore giving them the desire to search out other blues artists and get tangled up in this wonderful genre and lifestyle.

'I just want to make love to you' is a wonderful song full of Pete Cosey and Phil Upchurch's excellent guitar work that is superbly put together. I do think it would be a little better if the tempo were slowed down. But that is only my personal opinion.

'(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man' is a classic Water's song, that jumpstarted his career. The guitars perfectly accompany Muddy's voice bringing the point home.

'Let's spend the Night Together' is actually a Rolling Stones cover that definitely showcases the singer's talent.

'She's Alright' is a blues-rock song through and through. One of the best songs off the entire album.

'Mannish Boy' is another classic Muddy Water's song that is very well put together but doesn't give justice to the original acoustic version.

'Herbert Harper's Free Press News' is an Ok song, but it could be better. One could call it unique.

'Tom Cat' is just such an awe-inspiring song that promotes cool, evokes cool, and simply is cool.

'The Same Thing' is the ultimate conclusion to this great album.

Other blues enthusiasts might not like electric Mud but it's my favorite Muddy Waters Album. Live the blues.
Sputnik Music

1. I Just Want To Make Love To You - 4:19
2. I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man - 4:53
3. Let's Spend the Night Together - 3:12
4. She's Alright - 6:36
5. Mannish Boy - 3:50
6. Herbert Harper's Free Press News - 4:40
7. Tom Cat - 3:42
8. The Same Thing - 5:42

*Muddy Waters – Vocal
*Gene Barge – Tenor Saxophone
*Phil Upchurch – Guitars
*Roland Faulkner – Guitars
*Pete Cosey – Guitars
*Charles Stepney – Organ
*Louis Satterfield – Bass
*Morris Jennings – Drums

Flac + Separate Files + Artwork - 255mb
(Thanx to original uploader)



Anon said...

Thanks, I wanna hit this one.

KarlR said...

Lotsa good guitar here,thanks for sharing

MIF said...

Muddy Waters is elegant with any clothes. Thank you Marios

Brain Police said...

Thank you Marios, I can upgrade my lossy version of this excellent album.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!