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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Stooges - The Stooges (1969 us, double cd edition with previously unissued material, remastered for maximum impact)

Above all reviews and one of the best albums in Rock 'n' Roll history, the Stooges debut album marked all generations (past, present and future), rough, raw and sharp melodic, emerged in the dawn of a new era. Thank you mr Osterberg, mr Dave, mr Ron, mr Scott and mr John.

Disc 1
1. 1969 - 4:07
2. I Wanna Be Your Dog - 3:12
3. We Will Fall - 10:16
4. No Fun - 5:18
5. Real Cool Time - 2:32
6. Ann - 3:00
7. Not Right - 2:51
8. Little Doll - 3:23

Disc 2
1. No Fun (Original John Cale Mix) - 4:42
2. 1969 (Original John Cale Mix) - 2:44
3. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Original John Cale Mix) - 3:25
4. Little Doll (Original John Cale Mix) - 2:48
5. 1969 (Alternate Vocal) - 4:47
6. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Alternate Vocal) - 3:28
7. Not Right (Alternate Vocal) - 3:11
8. Real Cool Time (Alternate Mix) - 3:22
9. Ann (Full Version) - 7:51
10.No Fun (Full Version) - 6:49

The Stooges
* Iggy Pop - Vocals
* Ron Asheton - Guitar, Vocals
* Scott Asheton - Drums
* Dave Alexander  - Bass
* John Cale - Piano, Sleighbell on "I Wanna Be Your Dog", Viola on "We Will Fall"

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  1. me ayto to post mpikes sto club ton megalon.eisai dikos mas tora.bale kai to allo ton STOOGES na ginei kolasi.

  2. Brilliant. A classic since the date of release. Looking forward to hearing the unissued material. Thanks for the top quality post.

  3. excellent post friend.IGGY POPS FAN CLUB sells the album RAW POWER in expanded you have it?
    can you please also post ROLLING STONES:live in brussels 1973.i ask too much?
    thank you anyway.

  4. Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ Μάριε, ελπιζω να υπάρχει συνέχεια με Fun House και Raw Power. Αντε να βαλουμε λιγάκι στην άκρη τα βινύλια γιατί με το παίξε παίξε δεν θα μείνει αυλάκι για αυλάκι. Μήπως έχεις B.F. Trike να ανεβάσεις σε lossless μπας και το σώσουμε και αυτό?

  5. Top post Marios and thanks for sharing mate.

  6. What a great debut for Iggy Pop and the Stooges !!!.
    Thanks Marios for the upgrade to this extended version, I only had the regular edition.

  7. Excellent proto-punk and hard rock. Many thanks Marios for this fantastic edition!

  8. Excellent stuff.I have owned a copy of this over the years on:
    1.vinyl I bought when it came out
    2.8 Track for my car 1970's
    4.CD your post I am downloading

    thanks a nd thanks for sharing stuff at phrock

  9. I'm going late.Can you repost the links are dead.Thank U.

  10. ...For Stooges.. never too late...