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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sir Douglas Quintet - The Best Of ....Plus (1964-1966 us, exciting garage roots 'n' roll)

Recorded between 1964 and 1966, this set is a companion to THE SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET IS BACK! The Sir Douglas Quintet came off more like a gritty amalgam of every strain of music that drifted through the airwaves of Texas.

Leader Doug Sahm had wide-ranging musical tastes but he attached himself to every performance with such pure and utter confidence that the tendency to label his music falls away as its wonderful wholeness becomes apparent. "She's About a Mover," the number that put the Quintet on the map, opens things up. Delights abound--from the riveting "The Rains Came" to the bluesy drama of "In The Pines."

The breadth found in this timeless music can be heard as the blueprint for Doug Sahm's music career over the following three decades. Restless, reverent, honest and bold, this is an essential Sir Douglas Quintet songs collection from their early period (it's not an all-time best of compilation despite its title)

1. She's About a Mover - 2:23
2. Beginning of the End - 2:58
3. Tracker - 2:33
4. You're out Walkin' the Streets Tonight - 2:16
5. In the Pines - 2:22
6. In the Jailhouse Now #2 - 2:22
7. Quarter to Three - 1:45
8. One Way Out - 3:12
9. Rains Came - 2:14
10. Please Just Say So - 2:25
11. We'll Take Our Last Walk Tonight - 2:44
12. You're out Walkin' the Streets Tonight - 1:50
13. Sugar Bee - 2:19
14. Blue Norther - 2:17
15. Story of John Hardy - 2:42
16. In Time - 2:15
17. Bacon Fat - 2:26
18. She's Gotta Be Boss - 2:11
19. Love Don't Treat Me Fair - 1:32
20. She Digs My Love - 2:47
21. When I Sing the Blues - 2:31

The Sir Douglas Quintet
*Doug Sahm - Vocals, Guitar
*Jack Barber - Bass Guitar
*Augie Meyers - Keyboards
*Frank Morin - Saxophone, Percussion
*Johnny Perez - Drums

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trismegistos said...

Ευχαριστώ, πολύ καλή μπάντα.Να σε παρακαλέσω δεν δέχονται εγγραφές στο
PHROCK Blog, ξέρω ότι ανεβάζεις κι εκεί, θα μπορούσες να κάνεις κάτι?

Marios said...

Γραψε μου εδω το mail σου (και το username σου αν ειναι άλλο)

Anonymous said...

μπράβο jim καλό δισκάκι.βάλε όμως και κάνα hard rock να φτιαχτούμε μεγάλε.

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Anonymous said...

I like everything I've ever heard by Doug Sahm, but his work with The Sir Douqlas Quintet is my favorite. Love the song "The Rains Came." Thank you for sharing.

Tommy Duque said...

Thank you again amigo Marios, for sharing ,,,

Remy said...

Thank-you very much Marios.

jman said...

Muchos Gracias Mario!

KD said...

Thank You!