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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quiver - Quiver (1971 uk, fine psych folk rock)

Quiver was formed round 1970 in Ladbroke Grove, London by Tim Renwick and Honk (bass) who'd formerly been with Junior's Eyes, together with Cal Batchelor. Honk soon departed and the line-up was completed by Pete Thomas (ex-Village) and John Wilson (formerly with Cochise) They were the first group to play at Rainbow Theatre in London (supporting The Who). 

Their first album, Quiver, was completed with help from great sax player Dick Parry. An excellent album, it contains killer guitar duels (as in the great 'Killer man'), outstanding bass playing, and tight ryhthm on drums.  

After their second release, in late 1973,  the whole band decided merging  with Sutherland Brothers, forming Sutherland Brothers and Quiver, but Cal Batchelor decided to leave. 

1. Glad I Came Around - 5:06
2. Down Your Way - 3:44
3. Killer Man - 8:00
4. Take A Train - 5:15
5. Cool Evening - 4:07
6. Barnes County - 4:25
7. Back On The Road - 3:07
8. Just Loving You - 1:56
9. Reason For Staying - 7:00

*Tim Renwick - Guitar
*Cal Batchelor - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
*Bruce Thomas - Bass
*John 'Willie' Wilson - Drums
*Dick Parry - Sax

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