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Saturday, March 9, 2019

The Floating Opera - The Floating Opera (1971 us, exceptional psych bluesy rock, 2018 korean remaster)

The Floating Opera is into a Blues-Rock sound made unique by guitarist Steve Welkom's persuasive singing in "Vision", he's joined by Gary Munce on bass, and Artie Alinikoff on excellent drums/vocals, while Carol Less provided driving keyboard counterpoint which consistently defined their sound.

The Floating Opera Self-Titled Original 1971 Embryo Records SD-730, has some real moments where the guitar takes off into the stratosphere. They do a nice job with the ballads, and it's cleanly produced. The album is packaged in a nice looking gatefold cover with the lyrics inside, and the group's picture on the front.

1. Song Of The Suicides - 4:54
2. The Vision - 6:09
3. Midnight - 3:25
4. Buckwheat Gal - 3:56
5. Fever Day (Carol Lees, John Nemerovski, Steve Welkom) - 4:32
6. Age Of Onan - 4:33
7. Crack On The Wall - 2:46
8. Back On The Street Again - 4:06
9. Angelfood Cake Song (Gary Munce, John Nemerovski, Steve Welkom) - 4:21
10.Soulful Feeling - 5:14
All songs by John Nemerovski, Steve Welkom except where stated

The Floating Opera
*John Nemerovski - Piano
*Steve Welkom - Vocals, Guitar
*Artie Alinikoff - Drums, Vocals
*Carol Lees - Keyboards, Vocals
*Gary Munce - Bass

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Phil G said...

Been having problems with both DL options. The Free Test page gets hijacked as soon as you open it and the Free Text DLs are deemed unsafe by my anti virus. Frustrating!

Marios said...

Phil Gordon,I don't see any problems with free text pages, I don't understand why you getting errors, maybe you should try an adblocker.

kimon said...

καλημἐρα Μἀριε,πολὐ καλὀς δἰσκος,καἰ ὠς συνἠθως ἀγνωστος γιἀ μἐνα,ευχαριστὠ πολὐ !!!

kobilica said...

This album is awesome.Thank you"MARIOS" for this kind of music...

Anonymous said...

Some fine Tracks on,Thanks

Phil G said...

Marios, I did that and it still doesn't work. Perhaps it's different accessing it from here.

Otiselevator said...

Great stuff Marios! Obscure albums like this are often disappointing but this one's a gem. Thanks.

Alexandr said...

Thanks, Marios.

Anonymous said...