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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Cold Blood ‎- Lydia (1974 us, delicate groovy jazzy funk rock, 2004 remaster)

Cold Blood is one of the original R'n'B horn bands from the late 60's/ early 70's that exemplified the "East Bay Grease" melding of funk & rock with blues and jazz elements. Lydia Pense has been compared to Janis Joplin, but is a true original and a pioneer in the women's rock movement. Lydia Pense and Cold Blood packed the San Francisco Ballrooms in their heyday, but that was then and this is now. In the now, Lydia Pense and Cold Blood still fill halls with cheering, dancing, foot-stomping fans. Far from fading over the years, Cold Blood has flourished. 

In 1974 their 5th released simply called "Lydia", legendary Stax guitarist Steve Cropper produced and and played on three cuts. A soulful approach with the band playing a blue-eyed funk crossbred. Lydia Pense is in fine form as always. 

1. Ready To Live (Lonnie Hewitt, Paul Edward Smith) - 5:24
2. Simple Love Life (Paul Edward Smith, R. Smith) - 3:18
3. Under Pressure (Fred Gowdy, Larry Wilkins) - 3:30
4. When My Love Hand Comes Down (Gloria Jones, Pam Sawyer) - 4:23
5. When It's Over (A. Wayne) - 2:33
6. Consideration (Steve Cropper) - 3:36
7. I Only Wanted Someone To Hear Me (Allan Rush, Dee Presley) - 3:54
8. You're Free Lovin' Me (Carl Marsh, Steve Cropper) - 3:51
9. Come Back Into My Life Again (B. R. Charles) - 3:40
10.Just Like Sunshine (Paul Edward Smith, Raul Matute) - 4:38

*Lydia Pense - Vocals
*Michael Sasaki - Guitar
*Paul Cannon - Guitar
*Steve Cropper - Guitar
*Joe Williams - Drums
*Tommy Cathey - Bass
*Rod Elliott - Bass
*Raul Matute - Keyboards
*David Luell - Alto, Tenor, Baritone Saxophones
*Max Haskett - Trumpet
*Jack Walrath - Trumpet
*Gaylord Birch - Drums
*Danny Kootch - Guitar
*Bobbye Hall - Congas, Percussion
*Chuck Bennett - Trombone
*Paul Hubinon - Trumpet
*Chuck Findley - Trumpet
*Bobby Shew - Trumpet
*Jim Horn - Tenor Saxophone, Flute
*Don Menza - Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo
*Peter Christlieb - Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo
*The Memphis Horns

1969-70  Cold Blood - Cold Blood / Sisyphus
1972  Cold Blood - First Taste Of Sin
1973  Cold Blood - Thriller
1973  Cold Blood - Vintage Blood Live

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  1. In Cold Blood/Lydia Pense has ALWAYS deserved better than they got. A truly overlooked San Fran band that suffered from the "Sounds Like Janis" label the media gave them. They never tried to sound like the legendary Ms Joplin & do not if you listen. Coulda/Shoulda been stars in their own right & I highly recommend them

  2. I agree so much with Snosbig… just saw them in July 2019 and they were smoking hot!