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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Various Artists - Brown Acid The Second Trip (1970-78 us / australia, stunning hard heavy rock, 2016 digipak)

Less than a year ago, Brown Acid was released into the wild and took the world by storm. Feedback was so positive from the First Trip, we've decided to provide our loyal listeners with a second dose. Not much has changed since the first volume, except, of course, the band names and the track titles.

Just like the first volume, you'll find a primo cross-section of obscure hard rock, heavy psych, and proto-metal, all from the 70s. All of of these tracks were recorded in small DIY studios, self-released in minute quantities, overlooked and lost to the sands of time. All of 'em are All-American, save one exception here, the stunning "Midnight Witch" by the Australian group Ash.

All of the original 45s these recordings come from have become serious collector fodder, some of them regularly trading hands for three-figures on the rare occasion that they even come up for sale.
CD Liner-Notes

Artists - Tracks
1. Ash - Midnight Witch (Doug Ford) - 4:06
2. Sweet Crystal - Warlords (Marq Apeck) - 4:30
3. Raving Maniac - Rock N Roll Man (Doug Frasier) - 2:10
4. Crossfield - Take It (Crossfield) - 4:33
5. Spiny Norman - Bell Park Loon (Gerry Diaz, Steve Brudniak) - 4:05
6. Glass Sun - Silence Of The Morning (Rick Roll) - 5:15
7. Volt Rush Band - Love To You (Calvin Rush) - 2:44
8. Buck - Long Hot Highway (Bruce Busboom) - 3:57
9. Iron Knowledge - Show Stopper (Gary Blaylock) - 3:33
10.Sonny Hugg - Daybreak (Rick Zehringer) - 2:56

1969-79  Various Artists - Brown Acid / The First Trip

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kobilica said...

An excelent addition to my collection of such unknown bands.Thank you so much"MARIOS"...

Victor said...

thanks a bunch!

DanP said...

Nice, this is a highly welcome upgrade for me! :D :D

lmelis said...

Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ Μάριε

Adam Ostrogoth said...

As good as the first part, thanks for this gem !

Tommy Duque said...

Oh God, Marios you are the doctor, and these comps are my medicine!!