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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Butterfield Blues Band - Live Vol.2 (1970 us, great blues rock)

A smoking live set from the Butterfield Blues Band – and like all the group's work, as much of a jazz and soul album as a blues one! Butterfield drew his inspiration from the Chicago bluesmen, it's true – but his style also has plenty of echoes of New Orleans soul, Memphis R&B, and other strands of American work – in a mode that's quite similar to some of the changes that were going on in the British beat group scene at the end of the 60s. 

The lineup here features some really nice touches on sax from Trevor Lawrence and Gene Dinwiddie – and the live setting only seems to loosen all the players up even more than usual, and let them hit a few nice funky moments. 

1. Gene's Tune (Gene Dinwiddie) - 12:29
2. Nobody's Fault But Mine (Otis Redding) - 6:58
3. Losing Hand (Charles Calhoun) - 14:28
4. All In A Day (Hod Hicks) - 8:11
5. Feel So Bad (Chuck Willis) - 4:43
6. Except You (Jerry Ragavoy) - 4:51
7. You've Got To Love Her With A Feeling (Freddie King, Sonny Thompson) - 5:23
8. Love March (Gene Dinwiddie, Philip Wilson) - 12:25    

The Butterfield Blues Band
*Paul Butterfield - Harmonica, Vocals
*George Davidson - Drums
*Gene Dinwiddie - Soprano, Tenor Sax, Vocals, Lead Vocal On Track 8
*Ted Harris - Keyboards
*Rod Hicks - Fretless Bass, Vocals
*Trevor Lawrence - Baritone Sax, Vocals
*Steve Madaio - Trumpet, Vocals
*Ralph Walsh - Guitar                          

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  1. I've heard Vol. 1, but not Vol. 2. Thanks a lot...

  2. Thanks a lot Marios! Btw, I just noticed that your Live '70 PBBB posting no longer exists. Would it be possible for it to come back pls?

  3. This is disc 2 of the Rhino Handmade CD, RHM2 7874 {Electra 7E-2001}

  4. Thank you very much - and thanks for the new link to volume one. Both are excellent!

  5. It's amazing that the links are still alive! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Marios thanks a lot my friend for all of the paul butterfield . it's amazing the deposit file links are still alive.

  7. Thanks for all you do here, Marios.. It probably comes at some expense of sleep, seeing how hard you work maintaining this blog.. but you have all of our undying thanks here! Doc