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Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Black Hippies - The Black Hippies (1977 nigeria, terrific hard fuzzy funk psych afro rock)

Black Hippies were a Nigerian rock band in the mid-'70s led by songwriter Joseph Etinagbedia (aka Pazy). In their earliest incarnations, the band played a distinct style of harder rock, one that bore many of the trademarks of Nigerian music, from the raw, visceral vocal style to the psychedelic funk that touches every corner of the songs. This first, self-titled album was recorded in 1976 by producer Odion Iruoje and features five of the band's tunes from their earliest days, finding funky pre-disco rhythms playfully co-existing with light-headed fuzz guitar in Pazy's celebratory, somewhat psychedelic tunes. The band would shift gears with subsequent releases, going more in the direction of reggae than hard rock, but these five songs represent the band at an inspired beginning point where their take on hard rock was something truly unique. 
by Fred Thomas

1. Doing It In The Street - 5:12
2. I Have The Love On You - 5:44
3. Love (Sonny Orovie) - 4:11
4. The World Is Great - 9:05
5. You Are My Witness – 8:40
All songs by Edire Etinagbedia except where noted

*Joseph Etinagbedia - Vocals, Guitar

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Rat Bastardson said...

The name says it all! Moderate if you like, but I speak for millions when I say... forget it.....!!

zzzz said...

If you don't like Blacks you are wrong here, if you don't like hippies you are wrong twice here.
(So much for the name says it all?)
The music is really great, just the sound quality is a bit off for me...

Alexandr said...

Thanks Marios/

Jörg Kiel said...

0217Hej, 'Rat Bastardson' (nomen est omen)
In my country -Germany- we had 70 years ago so many problems with people like you... and still have, so you better post your -surely anonymous- comments, where they are welcome !
But, please change your name, because rats are very social creatures...
And to the music of the 'black hippies' :
perhaps you should try to listen first !
Great music like a lot of the music of that time from Africa !!

Dante D said...

This one's up there with the Amanaz, Ofege, and Zambia's own Witch releases (or better). Best of all, TBH were new to me. These Rockasteria revelations set a high standard for those of us with genuine interest in music (and I speak for millions).

Matt Kay said...

Possibly, all that Mr Bastardson meant was that The Black Hippies just weren't that good.

I'd agree - I've just been listening to fellow Nigerian psyche-funk merchants Ofo The Black Company, and they would kick those Hippies arses any day of the week and four times on Sunday.

However, I'm very grateful to Marios for making this rare disc available so I could make the comparison.

Dale said...

One doesn't have to enjoy everything. It's the journey that counts.

Phil Gordon said...

Thanks M! Africa in the 70s is a rich vein to mine!

MJG196 said...

This is fucking fantastico. Thank you!

paul said...

Wonderful blog but you're costing me money. I just ordered this on vinyl and the Jade Stone and Luv on cd. Keep up the good work!

simone carniel said...

hey paul, jade stone and luv is better on vinyl reissue... it s a great album cheers

66Bonko said...

This may be the best record of the whole Afro Funk genre. And, one of the rarest. The original goes for at least $1000, probably more. Think there are like 3 copies in existence. Sick stuff.

Marios said...

.....The Black Hippies...ReUp.......