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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dr Feelgood - Stupidity (1976 uk, live rock 'n' roll dynamite, 2014 japan SHM expanded edition)

The best live record ever: and it reached No1! Just a few years into the 1970s, rock had become self-indulgent, and pompous, and singles were increasingly cheesy. But on the pub-rock live circuit Dr Feelgood were building a reputation for their sweaty, speedy, choppy, Canvey Island-bred rhythm and blues. The ace in their hole was their mop-topped, black-clad, bug-eyed guitarist, Wilko Johnson, who careered around the stage like a madman with a machine gun, chopping out funky riffs in a totally unique style. This 1975 live set (released in 1976) was fresh, unrelentingly exciting and inescapably danceable. 

Comprised of recordings taken from 1975 tours, the live Stupidity finally captures the relentless, hard-driving energy of Dr. Feelgood at their peak. All the music on Stupidity is presented raw and without overdubs, making it clear that the dynamic friction between guitarist Wilko Johnson and vocalist Lee Brilleaux could propel the band toward greatness. While many of the versions here don't differ in form from the original studio versions, these unvarnished performances are considerably more exciting, revealing the Johnson originals "She Does It Right" and "All Through the City" as minor rock & roll classics. 
by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

1. Talking About You - 1:59
2. Twenty Yards Behind - 2:06
3. Stupidity (Solomon Burke) - 2:20
4. All Through The City - 2:54
5. I'm A Man (Ellis McDaniels) - 5:10
6. Walking The Dog (Rufus Thomas) - 2:58
7. She Does It Right - 3:05
8. Going Back Home (Wilko Johnson, Mick Green) - 3:47
9. I Don't Mind - 2:13
10.Back In The Night - 3:09
11.I'm A Hog For You Baby (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) - 3:17
12.Checking Up On My Baby (Sonny Boy Williamson) - 3:17
13.Roxette - 3:04
14.Keep It Out Of Sight - 2:59
15.Riot In Cell Block No. 9 (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) - 3:48
16.Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry) - 4:02
17.All Through The City (Stereo Version) - 3:04
18.Roxette - 2:23
19.Boom Boom (Johnny Lee Hooker) - 2:44
20.Rock Me Baby (B.B. King, Lil' Son Jackson) - 4:57
21.All Through The City (Stereo Version) - 3:13
22.Oyeh ! (Stereo Version) (Michael Robert "Mick" Green) - 2:31
23.I'm A Hog For You Baby (Stereo Version) (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) - 3:05
24.Stupidity (Stereo Version) (Solomon Burke) - 2:08
All songs by Wilko Johnson except whete noted
Tracks 1-7 Live at Sheffield City Hall, 23rd May 1975
Tracks 8-15 Live at Southend Kursaal, 8th November 1975
Track 16 Live at Friar's Aylesbury, May 17th 1975
Tracks 18-20 Live at Cardiff Top Rank, June 19th 1974

Dr Feelgood
*Lee Brilleaux - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Slide Guitar
*Wilko Johnson - Guitar, Backing Vocals
*John B. Sparks - Bass Guitar
*The Big Figure - Drums, Backing Vocals

1974  Down By The Jetty (2014 Japan SHM edition)

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  1. Another great by the Doctor! Thanks a lot...

  2. Terrific stuff by Dr Feelgood. Would you happen to have Private Practice too?

  3. Thanks for another superb Feelgoods post but why did you skip their 2nd Wilko album Malpractice!? I lost interest in them after Wilko left - thats not to say they weren't a good band without him but with him they were great.

  4. Complete crap, never liked them then, don't now.. charra from essex... no talent.. where is Wilko now.

  5. After a cancer battle Wilko returned stronger, and released an album with Roger Daltrey "Going Back Home", they also touring together.

  6. Hello. I've added your blog to my blog's list. can you add mine please? Thanks.

  7. Awesome, thanks for the continued Dr. Feelgood material, have been enjoying the hell out of it.

  8. So sorry charra. Did they do the Four F Club on ye? More fool you. Have a Cuppa, love. Negative comments get negative responses.

    Mick the Dick.

  9. To Mick the Dick, et al, charra is and always be, shyte..

  10. Thank you for tis Marios. Glad to hear that Wilko is still alive!

  11. Wilco is always welcome.

  12. Best live album ever? You're having a laugh, aren't you?

    The Feelgoods were just so-so American R&B copyists

    Try these instead

    Allmans - Fillmore East 1971
    The Band - Rock of Ages 1972
    Grateful Dead - Live Dead 1969
    Van Morrison - Too late to stop now 1973
    Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus 1978
    Magazine - Play 1980
    Bob Marley - Live 1975
    Misty in Roots - at the Counter-Eurovision
    The Rolling Stones - Get yer ya-yas out 1969

    Any of these would leave the Feelgoods choking on their dust...

  13. Outside of Magazine I see a list of copyists.Dr Feelgood were on a very short list of bands(Flamin' Groovies,Modern Lovers etc.) trying to keep the faith alive.I was born in 1950 and was bored by the rock/pop music of the early to mid 1970s.I had basically switched to bop and hard bop jazz.Then it all changed in 1976.I feel 1979 is the best year for rock.The great albums are endless!In 2014 I basically listen to jazz and alt. country(whatever that is).

    Luv Wilko!

  14. Hi, thanks for a great blog. I like the variety that you introduce rather than following a narrow furrow of a single genre.

    I know the posts are pretty old (especially this one), but it looks like
    almost all your older links to freetexthost now end up with
    'account suspended'
    Hope you may be able to fix this.
    Best wishes.

  15. Anonymous, all Dr Feelgood posts repaired...

  16. Thanks very much for that.
    They really were something to see in the UK of the 70's. A great live performance.